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Bionic Sports Nutrition

April 06, 2016 08:44 ET

Bionic Sports Nutrition Now Available in US Market

Supplements Developed Through Years of Research and Studies

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - April 06, 2016) - Bionic Sports Nutrition LLC, an American company with the focus of developing top-quality nutritional supplements for all lifestyles, is pleased to announce its line is more readily available in the US Market.

"We're excited for the opportunity to expand our sales and our brand to reach to new levels with this new partnership with Nutritional Products International," said company CEO Michael Wigton. "We strongly believe in the quality of our products, and can't wait to get the word out about them even more. There are so many people out there who can benefit from our nutritional supplements, and we are looking forward to reaching out to them."

Bionic Sports Nutrition manufactures their entire line in the U.S. and the company sells many of their products in bulk to give customers the best price possible. None of the products from Bionic Sports Nutrition have extra ingredients that consumers do not need or want. With most of the dietary supplements on the market containing fillers and additives, and packaged in excessive, bulky packaging consumers wind up paying for more than the cost of the supplement according to Mr. Wigton.

Instead, Bionic Sports Nutrition brings to the table pure, simple and un-altered supplements without any of the flavors*, anti-caking agents and additives found in products elsewhere. With this idea and an innovative and economical way of shipping items internationally and domestically for less, Bionic Sports Nutrition has built up a loyal customer base all over the world.

Formulations for the products were first tested on Mr. Wigton's friends, family and hundreds of athletes he has worked with in his years in the fitness industry, doing everything from personal training to his degree in biomechanics. Some ingredients in His products have been used thousands of years and others are just being discovered in more modern times.

Ancient-Paleo is one of the company's most popular supplements. This product is a meal replacement and green dietary supplement, with 140 of the world's cleanest ingredients. Gluten free Ancient-Paleo delivers an entire meal's worth of high protein plus a dose of multi-vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and probiotics to increase vitality, energy and achieve optimum health. 

Bionic Sports Nutrition's Ancient Paleo comes closer than any other dietary supplement to being a singular product one may take in place of all other supplements. The essential nutrients, in particular the omega-3 fatty acids were added by using a plant known as Purslane, containing surprisingly more omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable. 100 grams of fresh purslane leaves provide 350 mg of alpha-linolenic acid.

"My whole concept is to be able to help everyone from the 'soccer mom,' people struggling with their weight, to professional athletes looking to improve their performance," Mr. Wigton said. "Now there is finally a brand on the market that does not make you scratch your head while reading the ingredients."

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