December 02, 2014 11:00 ET

BIOPAC Founder Alan Macy Authors Paper on Retrieving Impedance Cardiography in an MRI

Study Shows IGC Can Be Recorded While Subject Is in MRI

GOLETA, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2014) - BIOPAC's Alan Macy, acting to support researchers affiliated with the University of California Santa Barbara's Department of Psychology and Brain Science, recently published a study regarding physiological data acquisition of a subject in an MRI. Titled "Simultaneous acquisition of functional magnetic resonance images and impedance cardiography," the experiment proves that Impedance Cardiography (ICG) can be recorded with a subject in an MRI field.

Using BIOPAC amplifiers and electrodes, the group simultaneously recorded ECG and ICG data from a subject in an MRI. They found that the results were comparable with those when data was recorded outside of the highly magnetic environment.

"This is one of the first studies that show ICG can be simultaneously recorded from a subject while being imaged in a highly magnetic field," said Alan Macy. "Our results suggest that ICG can be a powerful tool in future studies researching central and autonomic nervous system activity."

The study was authored by Matthew Cieslak, William S. Ryan, Alan Macy, Robert M. Kelsey, Jessica E. Cornick, Marlo Verket, Jim Blascovich, and Scott Grafton.

Information on BIOPAC's amplifiers for ICG in MRI can be found at

If you would like to read the full paper on the experiment, the publication can be found over at (requires paid subscription).

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