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March 26, 2007 08:00 ET

BioPassword Enhances Security and Coverage to the Industry's Most Cost-Effective Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Enterprise Edition 3.0 Adds New Authentication Software Factor and Expanded Support for Citrix VPN, Outlook Web Access, and Thin Client Environments

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 26, 2007 -- BioPassword, Inc., the leader in software-only strong authentication, today unveiled BioPassword® Enterprise Edition 3.0 with major enhancements to the industry's leading multi-factor authentication solution optimized for Windows Active Directory and Citrix environments. Through added technical partnerships and integrations, Enterprise Edition 3.0 extends BioPassword's strong authentication with an additional security factor, expands support for remote access, and now delivers an added layer of security for server-based computing environments.

BioPassword Enterprise Edition provides the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective multi-factor authentication solution on the market by authenticating the user not the device -- at less than one-third the cost of competing hardware token-based solutions. Enterprise Edition 3.0 adds an additional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) factor which allows companies to increase security without the worry of denying access to legitimate users. Credentials will be evaluated based on keystroke biometrics first and if there is doubt about the legitimacy of the user, a KBA challenge question can be dynamically issued.

"The addition of knowledge-based authentication to Enterprise Edition 3.0 further strengthens BioPassword's value as a software-only multi-factor authentication solution," said Jared Pfost, vice president of security and product strategy at BioPassword. "As enterprise computing and security demands evolve, BioPassword will continue to innovate and offer strong authentication software solutions for new form factors, use cases and environments used by our customers and partners."

"Businesses have always desired an additional factor of authentication to augment usernames and passwords. However, tokens, smartcards, or other biometrics have had problems with market penetration because of end-user acceptance and the operational costs of deployment," said Eric Ogren, security analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. "A biometric approach based on a person's typing cadence coupled with a knowledge-based architecture can greatly enhance the security of passwords without requiring the overhead of additional hardware or software authentication infrastructures. Organizations can reduce the risk of fraudulent sign-ons to their networks and business applications."

Enterprise Edition 3.0 adds BioPassword support for the widely adopted Citrix Access Gateway. Together BioPassword and Citrix offer the most robust and easy-to-use remote access protection on the market today.

"BioPassword has made it simple for our customers to deploy strong authentication to their users," said Bill Tomlinson, national security practice director and CSO at DynTek, Inc. "As our customers increasingly adopt and expand their use of Citrix Access Gateway throughout their organizations, we look forward to offering an easily-integrated, cost-effective multi-factor authentication solution."

Enterprise Edition 3.0 brings added protection to remote access authentication scenarios through compatibility with Outlook Web Access (OWA). It also adds support for Windows XP Embedded thin clients and works with the leading server-based computing environments.

"As the world leader in sales of thin clients with the XP embedded operating system(1), HP is proud to be the first thin client vendor qualified by BioPassword for use with their groundbreaking technology," said Tad Bodeman, director of thin client product marketing. "As businesses turn to remote computing solutions for more comprehensive security, the combination of BioPassword's innovative and easy-to-use multi-factor authentication solution with the HP Compaq t5720 Thin Client further enhances the speed, flexibility and security of our customers' networks."

New Product Features Include:

New Authentication Software Factor -- An additional layer of knowledge-based authentication mitigates the chance of false rejects at even the most stringent security levels.

Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Edition -- Cost-effective and portable multi-factor authentication for the fastest growing SSL VPN solution on the market.

Outlook Web Access Support -- Remote access support for one of Microsoft's most popular applications.

Support for Windows XP Embedded Thin Clients -- Easy integration with leading thin client vendors to support enterprises' server-based computing needs for increased security while reducing administration and support costs.

Extensive Language Support -- With this release BioPassword announces immediate support for all languages except those using Input Method Editors (IME). Support for IME languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) is slated for the second half of 2007.

About BioPassword Enterprise Edition

BioPassword Enterprise Edition combats fraud, stolen information assets and identity theft problems associated with using traditional password security, such as internal security breaches, unauthorized remote access, social engineering, password-cracking programs, and employee password sharing. BioPassword authenticates users by analyzing a combination of the userID and password, their keystroke biometrics (their unique typing rhythm), and knowledge-based authentication (user selected questions and answers). BioPassword Enterprise Edition conveniently integrates with existing Windows Active Directory and Citrix environments without requiring additional hardware or extra software.

About BioPassword

BioPassword, Inc. (, located in Issaquah, Washington, leads the market in delivering enterprise security solutions for software-only strong authentication. BioPassword protects company and individual assets with a simple, yet powerful combination of the user's standard login credentials (userID and password), keystroke biometrics (their unique typing rhythm) and knowledge-based authentication (user selected questions and answers). BioPassword's strong authentication software is fast, accurate, transparent, scalable to millions of users and immediately deployable across the organization and the Internet without the need for expensive tokens, cards or other specialized hardware. To learn more about BioPassword visit our Web site or contact us at (425) 649-1100. For a live demonstration of BioPassword's keystroke biometrics, log onto

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(1) IDC Enterprise Thin Client QView: Pivot Table, March 2007

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