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September 24, 2007 08:00 ET

BioPassword Introduces First Authentication Software Platform That Combines Three Keys of Identification for Secure Access

Support for Juniper Networks' Secure Access SSL VPN and Addition of Software One-Time Passwords Greatly Expand Market Coverage

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - BioPassword, Inc., the leader in software-only strong authentication, today unveiled BioPassword® Enterprise Edition 4.0, the industry's only multi-factor authentication software platform that identifies users based on a combination of keystroke biometrics (something users are), knowledge-based authentication (something users know) and one-time passwords (something users have -- mobile devices). BioPassword is also announcing new remote access capability with support for Juniper Networks' market-leading Secure Access SSL VPN.

Organizations are challenged daily to keep applications, networks, and information secure, yet accessible, while supporting diverse computing environments for an ever-changing population of customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. A recent Ponemon Institute survey of 163 Fortune 1000 companies found that roughly 70 percent of all reported security breaches were due to insiders. To combat this problem, many companies limit the age or lifecycle of the password, which, according to industry analysts, is costly and poses an increased threat to the security of the organization.

"Extending the password lifecycle can save an organization the time and costs associated with frequent changes," said Terrence Brewton, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "BioPassword's platform provides solid authentication technologies that will enable more companies to easily secure access and identify employees."

An analysis by BioPassword that is based on a 1,000-user organization shows a potential savings of $88,200 in the first year, by extending the password lifecycle from 30 days to 90 days. To read more visit:

Unlike expensive security products which rely on hardware tokens or biometric readers, BioPassword Enterprise Edition uses a simple, yet powerful, combination of the user 's standard logon credentials (username and password), and applies keystroke biometrics (their unique typing rhythm) as a second authentication factor. BioPassword is combining its award-winning software with one-time passwords (single use password delivered to your mobile device) and knowledge-based authentication (user selected questions and answers) to deliver accurate, ubiquitous authentication from any keyboard or device. The addition of software one-time passwords (OTP) provides strong authentication for all Radius capable devices giving BioPassword coverage of a vast majority of the market today. Software OTPs can also provide false-reject mitigation if a user ever has an issue logging in via their biometric.

A recent independent review by the Tolly Group found that BioPassword Enterprise Edition was 99.2 percent accurate when detecting imposters trying to log into existing user accounts with legitimate credentials and was 98 percent accurate in determining and granting access to legitimate users.

"Enterprise Edition 4.0 is the only solution on the market to offer enterprises a software platform that easily authenticates users from every access," said Jared Pfost, vice president of security and product strategy at BioPassword, Inc. "Through partnerships with industry leaders, like Juniper, BioPassword is continuing to develop its recognized software to meet the growing demand for easy-to-use multi-factor authentication."

Enterprise Edition is helping secure more of today's mobile workforce by integrating with the leading provider of remote access. As a member of the Juniper Networks Alliance Program, BioPassword is broadening the availability of its innovative software platform to ensure enterprises can effectively manage and secure access to their networks from the Web to Single Sign On and local networks.

"We are pleased that BioPassword has joined Juniper's J-Partner Solutions Alliance Program to provide enterprises a truly unique approach to strong authentication for remote environments," said Doug Erickson, director of worldwide alliance and channel development at Juniper Networks. "BioPassword's interoperability with Juniper will help our customers secure access from anywhere at anytime."

Availability and Pricing

Enterprise Edition 4.0 will start shipping October 15 and offers a cost-effective solution for securing access, at one-third the price of tokens; a one-year subscription is priced at $19 per user. For more information, please contact

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Juniper Networks transforms the business of networking by creating competitive advantage for our customers with the most sophisticated networking and security solutions in the industry. For more information on joining the J-Partner Solutions Alliances program, please visit

About BioPassword, Inc.

BioPassword, Inc. (, located in Issaquah, Washington, leads the market in providing strong authentication software for organizations seeking high security at low cost with no change in user behavior. Unlike expensive security products which rely on hardware tokens or biometric readers, BioPassword uses a simple, yet powerful, combination of the user's standard logon credentials (username and password), and applies keystroke biometrics (their unique typing rhythm) as a second authentication factor. When keystroke biometrics cannot be used, BioPassword offers additional software solutions such as knowledge-based authentication (user selected questions and answers) or software one-time passwords (single use password delivered to your mobile device). BioPassword is accurate, secure, scalable to millions of users and immediately deployable across the enterprise and the Internet without impacting users. To learn more about BioPassword visit our Web site or contact us at (425) 649-1100. For a live demonstration of BioPassword's keystroke biometrics, log onto

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