March 11, 2016 09:16 ET

Biopron Probiotics Benefit Senior Digestion

VALOSUN's Probiotic Complex Biopron Line Now Available on

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - March 11, 2016) - VALOSUN, a Czech company that develops and manufactures herbal medicines, probiotics and natural remedies of the highest quality, announced its line of Probiotic Complex Biopron supplements is now available on, a leading online nutritional supplement retailer.

"We're very excited for the opportunity to sell our Biopron Probiotics on," said company CEO Martin Sibal. "More and more people are constantly looking for probiotics because scientific research is constantly finding more benefits. Now, the thousands of people who buy products on every day will have access to our probiotics, and we can't wait to reach out to them."

Biopron Probiotics range from probiotics that help newborns to seniors. Biopron® SENIOR 50+ Probiotic Complex contains a unique combination of three probiotic cultures enriched with prebiotics in the form of fructooligosaccharides, vitamin D and important mineral substances: selenium and zinc. The preparation has been specially prepared for adults over the age of 50. The composition of the intestinal microflora changes with increasing age and there is a significant fall in the numbers of probiotic bacteria, especially bifidobacteria.

Increased scientific research shows probiotics benefit seniors. Individuals over the age of 50 have a reduction in degree of constipation, enhanced immune support and a reduction of inflammation when taking probiotics according to

Research has shown that at around age 60, there is a significant drop in the number of healthy bacteria in the gut. People more than 60 years old typically have about 1,000 percent less healthy bacteria in their guts compared to younger adults, and increased levels of disease-causing microbes2, making them more susceptible to bowel conditions like IBS according to Dr. Sandra McFarlane from the microbiology and gut biology group at the University of Dundee.

"It's great to know that we have the chance to give even more people in the 50 plus age range easier access to quality probiotics to help them with digestion," said Sibal. "We can't wait to work with more customers and grow our impact with this new partnership with"

According to research by Valosun any person taking antibiotics needs to be taking a probiotic to counteract the effect antibiotics have on killing healthy bacteria in the gut.

For more information about Valosun and its line of probiotics and other health products, visit its website at

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