April 19, 2016 07:00 ET

Biopron Probiotics Designed to Take With Antibiotics

Supplements Replace Healthy Bacteria Killed From Antibiotics

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - April 19, 2016) -  Valosun, a company based in the Czech Republic that develops a wide range of probiotics and herbal extracts, announced its line of Probiotic Complex Biopron supplements are available on Amazon and help counter harmful side effects of antibiotics.

Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the gut, leaving the body defenseless against harmful pathogens. Up to one-third of antibiotic users may experience antibiotic-associated diarrhea due to the eradication of healthy gut bacteria called Clostridium difficile ("C. diff") and other bacteria according to US News. Biopron probiotics are designed to restore the "good" bacteria in the gut, creating a healthy digestion system.

"We have been on a mission to inform medical professional across the United States the benefits of taking Biopron probiotics with prescription antibiotics," said Valosun CEO Martin Sibal. "There is a solution to managing diarrhea and other adverse effects of antibiotics with probiotics."

Because antibiotics affect the healthy bacteria in the gut for weeks or even months after they are taken, it is important to consume probiotics for some time after all antibiotics have been ingested in order to restore healthy bacteria and to bring back a strong digestive system.

Additionally Valosun has developed products for all ages, from infants to seniors. For example, its probiotic products Biopron Junior or Probiotic Drops were made to treat symptoms of bad gut microflora in infants and small children and can be taken even by newborns. Other products deal with urinary tract problems, and help healing cystitis thanks to cranberry extract and D-mannose. The company also offers products to treat vaginal problems and menopause in women, help promote sexual potency in men, and boost immunity in men and women of all ages.

"There are countless benefits for the health of taking probiotics and they should be introduced to many people's diets. Everyone has the ability to feel healthy and treat digestive issues with Biopron probiotics," said Sibal.

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