August 10, 2011 14:06 ET Reveals How to Open Public Restroom Doors Hands-Free, Without the Unwanted Germs

A Revolutionary Hands-Free Door Opener That Prevents Infectious Germ Spread in High-Traffic Public Restrooms

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - Aug 10, 2011) - First it was the "toilet-seat hover." Then came the "foot flush." And now, an increasingly high percentage of public restroom users won't even open the door without a protective wad of paper towels between themselves and the handle. What has this world come to? Infectious disease, that's what.

"Whether they're using the public restroom in a restaurant, movie theater, stadium, rest stop, or cafe, many people are put off, even repulsed, at the thought of grabbing onto a constantly-touched door handle right after washing their hands," notes Jeff Luckey, President of "In many cases, you end up with people who won't exit a public restroom without a fistful of paper towels to block bacteria and viruses from traveling between the germ-riddled door handle and themselves."

While this may seem like a simple solution for restroom-induced "germaphobia," it can actually be an inconvenient and semi-acrobatic feat for the restroom user to accomplish (try throwing away those towels once you have the door open), and add up to a significant amount of wasted paper products. Combine these drawbacks, and you have customers or guests who are leery of the cleanliness of your establishment, as well as the added cost and environmental impact of unnecessary paper waste.

Luckily, a revolutionary hands-free door opener appropriately named the Toepener was born. Essentially a foot-activated handle that's installed near the base of public restroom doors, the stainless steel Toepener ( allows users to easily pull doors open with one foot, eliminating frustration, wasted paper products, and best of all, germ transfer.

Ideal for restaurants, theaters, hotels, conference centers, schools, shopping malls, and virtually any other public venue, the Toepener can be installed onto any swinging door, and unlike automated hands-free door openers, it requires no sensors, push-buttons, wiring or electricity. Designed to complement rather than completely replace conventional door handles, the Toepener gives those looking for an extra measure of germ protection an alternative to help keep their hands cleaner -- and healthier.

Consumers may order the Toepener and a wide selection of other home health and personal hygiene products online at, or via toll-free telephone at 877-782-3675.

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