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Sabra Girard

May 09, 2013 12:55 ET

Biosanes Faces the Truth on Sugary Drinks

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - May 09, 2013) -  Sugary drinks give the consumer nothing in return other than poor health; soda decreases cognitive function, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and a variety of other problems. And the sugar used in most sugary drinks has evolved; pharmaceutical-grade sugars are in less quantities yet stronger than the sugar of the past. In fact, unless artificial, low-calorie sweeteners are used, all sweet drinks (ie. fruit-aides, fruit drinks, sports drinks, and sugary flavored drinks, such as Kool-Aid) pack calories. One study found that girls who consumed a high amount of sweet drinks before age 9 gained more weight by age 13. They also had pre-diabetes risk factors that included a big waistline, high blood pressure, and low HDL "good" cholesterol. And fruit juice can fool the consumer -- it can be just as unhealthy as a soda.

Most young boys receive 15 teaspoons of refined sugar daily, and most girls about 10 teaspoons from sweetened beverages alone. That's the most sugar kids should be getting for all foods in any day's time, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Dental problems like tooth rot, cavities, gingivitis and others are also issues that stem from sugary drinks. 

Biosanes, with 25 years in the health industry, encourages everyone to truly comprehend the amount of sugar a soda pours into the body. They suggest putting one teaspoon of sugar in a glass before filling it with 12 ounces of water. Next taste the water and then add the same increments of sugar until 40 grams have been dropped into the same glass. Once the water is tasted with the 40 grams most won't volunteer to finish the drink due to the look, flavor and knowledge of the sugar amount within. 

Even with this understand however, the old soda and juice habit can be hard for the body to break; Biosanes wants to help stop the cycle of poor health. This company which produces all natural supplements and meal replacement products suggest the most economical alternative -- water. Drinking water is a good habit and children will learn by observation. And if the sugar cravings are tough to break Biosanes' Optinol, along with organic cold pressed coconut oil will deter the cravings. It's a safe way to begin a new life of consumption with a high rate of health returns. 

Biosanes continues to educate their audience of ways to live a healthy life on their blog which lists the top 10 reasons to drop the sugary drinks

About biosanes:

Biosanes-translating to life and health, evolved from more than 25 years of research and development in the nutrition industry. The company offers effective and flavorful health and weight loss products that meet the needs of adults and children of all ages. The core ingredient found in all biosanes products is Arabinogalactan (AG) which is 100% soluble fiber derived from the Western Larch tree. Studies have shown AG, referred to as biosanes Natural Magic, to be more powerful than Echinacea in its immune enhancing abilities. AG also helps encapsulate fat and remove it from the body before it turns into unwanted pounds, supports healthy glucose and cholesterol and aids in digestion. Biosanes products can be purchased at, Facelogic Spa (Highland Park, TX) and will be available at additional select retail establishments worldwide. 1.888.670.5433, 4516 Lovers Ln., Ste. 375; @biosanes,

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