SOURCE: BioSource Solutions Inc.

April 22, 2008 14:34 ET

BioSource Solutions Inc. Targets Oil and Gas Industry With New Product BioSorb 2008™

ELMSDALE, NOVA SCOTIA--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - BioSource Solutions Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BISL) -- a North American manufacturer of biodegradable, biological, botanical consumer cleaning products -- announced today that the Company will introduce a new product that will focus on the oil and gas industry.

BioSorb 2008™ is a proprietary complex polymer & enzyme system designed for use with any hydrocarbon based waste. Its unique blend of polymers and enzymes turn liquid hydrocarbons (Gas, Fuel & Oil) spills into an easy to handle solid, rubber-like, floating "mat."

BioSorb 2008™ encapsulates, retains, binds and immobilizes any hydrocarbon based spills within minutes. It also prevents further migration of the hydrocarbon spill, whether on land or fresh/salt water.

The product reduces manpower & equipment requirements by allowing hydrocarbon spills to be handled quickly & efficiently with no wastage. The product is non-leaching and the recovered waste in turn can be used as an alternative energy source in kilns, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making a more sustainable environment.

BioSorb 2008™ Features

--  is non-hazardous.
--  is non-corrosive.
--  encapsulates 5X its weight.
--  recovered waste can be used for alternative energy source.
--  is formulated with Health, Safety & the Environment in mind.

Typical organic materials, which are amenable to treatment by BioSorb 2008™, include the following:

Jet Fuel           Seal Oil         Diesel Fuel          Lacquer Thinner
Cutting Oils       Toluene          Xylene               Gasoline
Motor Oil          Oil Base Paints  Methyletyl Ketone    Transmission Fluid
Solvent Base Paints

BioSource Solutions Inc. expects to have BioSorb available for commercial and industrial markets in July 2008. The company is currently seeking distributors in Europe. Interested parties can contact us by email at

About BioSource Solutions Inc.

BioSource Solutions Inc. is a North American manufacturer of biodegradable, biological, botanical consumer cleaning products. Formed in 2005, our company's primary focus is on the "emerging" market of biological and botanical products that keep in pace with strong consumer and environmental demands to provide safe alternatives. BioSource Solutions extensive product line ranges from biologically based formulations for odor removal and waste remediation solutions to a complete line of janitorial, automotive, marine and specialty formulations. Most recently the company has introduced 7 new botanically based environmentally responsible home use products bringing the total line of environmentally responsible retail products to 14. BioSource also manufactures more than 60 commercial, industrial products. BioSource Solutions Inc. has quickly established itself as a "Go To" company in offering customized private label, private formulations for both retail and commercial customers.

BioSource Solutions Inc. has designed their environmentally responsible products to perform as well or better than current conventional chemical products offering safer, effective alternatives for the environment and more importantly, the consumer.

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