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December 03, 2015 09:10 ET

Biotech Products Services & Research, Inc. Issues Open Letter From CEO

BAY HARBOR ISLAND, FL--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2015) - Biotech Products Services & Research, Inc. (OTCQB: BPSR) ("Biotech") would like to provide a company overview and update in the following letter from CEO Albert Mitrani. 

Dear Shareholders,

Biotech Products, Services & Research, Inc. is a corporation focused on a lifestyle of health and wellness. Our vision is to have a vertically integrated company with three subsidiaries that include providing patient referrals to physicians offering integrative cellular therapies. Integrative therapies include: nutrition, innovative regenerative medical techniques, clinical research and development of products for a wide range of advanced healthcare indications and services. Additionally, Biotech intends to add a line of haircare and skincare products that will be innovative to the regenerative medical arena. Furthering the vision, Biotech has established a subsidiary called Ethan New York, a trendy women's clothing boutique that has recently opened for business in New York City. This new boutique will help draw the appropriate demographic of customers interested in our regenerative medical offerings complementing Biotech's overall business plan of catering to our clients' health and also their beauty.

To update our company's development, FINRA has recently approved our corporate name change to Biotech Products Services & Research, Inc. The company has maintained its fully reporting OTCQB listing status because management firmly believes that the standards of this marketplace provide a strong baseline of transparency and complete investor information backed up by periodic SEC filings. Management believes that the OTCQB exchange is the preferred trading ground for the market's most responsible small and micro-cap companies with the technology and regulations to ensure an accurate and secure trading experience for all investors. As a publicly traded company, we take our responsibilities to investors very seriously and pledge to maintain our high standards of accountability as we work steadily for enhanced shareholder value.

To be able to pursue our goals the company is presently looking to raise capital so that we have the cash flow necessary to fulfill Biotech's long-term growth outlook. With this in mind, the company is now searching for qualified candidates in several key areas of business management including a chief operating officer with experience in regenerative medicine and business management and also a chief financial officer with extensive experience in the financial aspects of growing and managing such a company.

Additionally, we are seeking to develop a board of directors that will be diversified in their experience and expertise who will bring a broad spectrum of knowledge to work with Biotech's management team on a successful vision and strategy for the company. Adding valuable new members to our executive management team should enable us to roll out the company's full business plans in an effective and timely manner.

Biotech's core vision places an emphasis on health from the inside and beauty from the outside. With this vision, we are very proud to have recently announced the opening of our first women's retail fashion boutique in New York City. We believe that women are the leading decision makers today for a family's needs, including clothing purchases. Our new boutique, Ethan New York, creates the opportunity to bring innovative health and wellness needs to the forefront while women are shopping for the latest fashion trends to look their best. 

From our headquarters in Florida we are focusing on advancing research in regenerative medical therapies; including developing education programs that will provide the latest in nutrition, testing and optimizing health benefits. To accomplish this objective, we will utilize a variety of techniques including cellular management protocols and biologic-based products for health optimization and effective disease management. Coaching on lifestyle issues as well as physical training will be a vital component of our programs. We also maintain a referral network of skilled physicians in the United States and abroad, which will be expanded to include naturopaths, acupuncturists, coaches, psychologists, nutritionists. Our strategy and vision includes a dedication to innovation making us leaders in the management of regenerative therapies, developers of products for health enhancement, disease management, and therapies for inflammatory conditions and aging. 

With so many benefits to offer and so much potential growth planned for the future, I look forward to serving Biotech's clients and investors for many years to come.


Albert Mitrani, CEO
Biotech Products, Services & Research Inc.

About Biotech Products Services & Research, Inc.

Biotech Products Services & Research Inc. focuses on a lifestyle of health and wellness. Our vision is to be a vertically integrated company, which primarily provides a patient referral service for integrative cellular therapies. Biotech also markets cellular products to doctors and hospitals.

Biotech aims to be the leader in the industry of innovative cell-based therapeutic with our unique strategy, which will guide a future of customized disease management. Biotech also sells women's fashion products through its Ethan New York subsidiary as part of our vertically integrated health and wellness vision.

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