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July 07, 2005 16:03 ET

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies Take Aim at Promising Drug Targets

Scientists Gather to Exchange Latest Drug Discovery and Development Techniques

WESTBOROUGH, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 7, 2005 -- Sequencing the human genome has led to many favorable drug targets. G-protein coupled receptors represent the largest pharmaceutical target class and account for approximately 50 percent of all currently marketed pharmaceuticals, according to a Drug and Market Development market analysis report.

The Assays and Cellular Targets (ACT) event combines four scientific conferences designed to share data to advance drug discovery in g-protein couple receptors and ion channels, as well as practical applications of cell-based assays in validation and analysis. Event highlights include:

--  The 10th Anniversary G-Protein Coupled Receptors offers new research
    findings from Juan Ballersteros of Novasite Pharmaceuticals and Krysztof
    Palcewski of University of Washington to examine structured activities of
    Rhodopsin. New discovery on using GPR55 as a novel cannabinoid receptor,
    exploring the physiological relevance of GPCR heterodimers, and new GPCRs
    in the clinic such as CB2, 5-HT1A, and others will be revealed.
--  From pain to CNS to autoimmunity, ion channels remain another key drug
    discovery target. The 4th Annual Ion Channel Drug Targets provides insights
    to key targets such as TRP, P2X, CFTR, ASICs and others that help advance
    discovery research.
--  The 5th Annual Cell-Based Assays and High Content Screening reveals
    new classes of reagents to validate targets, sample preparation and cell
    line development strategies, evolving methodologies and applications of
    high content screening and novel assay development techniques.
--  A special one day conference on High Throughput ADME/Tox Assays in
    Early Discovery helps scientists determine whether to strategically move
    ADME/Tox profiling into the screening phase and the best methods to
    incorporate into the drug discovery timeline.
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