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October 05, 2009 08:58 ET

Biotest Laboratories Has Completed Testing of a New Anti-Bioterrorism Sterilization Challenge Test Pack; Confirms Sterilization of US Mail, Likely Target for New Bioterrorism Attacks; Unique Microbial Management (Evariology) Program Assists Tracking of Organisms

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - October 5, 2009) - Biotest Laboratories, Inc. ( is employing its unique Microbial Management (Evariology) System to ensure that dangerous pathogens found in in-coming mail -- i.e. anthrax, smallpox, ricin, etc. -- are neutralized. Resulting evidence will become a securitized data base, which will help federal and local law enforcement and disease control authorities in the fight against the serious threat of bioterrorism.

Biotest Laboratories and President Gregg Mosley, a world-renowned expert in sterilization of medical products, have created a system for "Managing Microbes" based on principles of Evariology that allows trending and tracking of problematic organisms for medical manufacturers. It is a risk management process involving proactive bioburden monitoring devices and production environment, allowing identification and prevention of the root causes of contamination.

"We envision application of these same principles to bioterrorism in order that they can be used to identify various attack organisms or toxins and potentially predict what biological may be used by terrorists and where such an attack could occur," explained Mr. Mosley.

Working in conjunction with BioDefense Corp. of Massachusetts and the Bioterrorism Response Laboratory of the State of Massachusetts, Biotest has developed a challenge pack that can test the effects of numerous types of sterilization processes at the same time. The test pack contains proprietary biological and chemical indicators more resistant than the typical pathogens used for bioterrorism such as anthrax. Successful inactivation of the challenges in the test pack, assure inactivation of potential attack organisms.

"Anthrax attacks -- either as a hoax, or the very deadly real thing -- are a continual headache to the security community, because this dangerous pathogen is easily sent through the mail. MailDefender III is the ONLY equipment that actually kills anthrax, smallpox, SARS, avian flu, and many other dangerous substances in the customer's office," said John Meyer, President of BioDefense Corporation.

About BioDefense Corporation

BioDefense Corporation is now bringing to market MailDefender III. BioDefense has secured a patent for the technology containing over 30 claims, and has completed independent testing from multiple laboratories under government supervision confirming the efficacy of the technology. Current customers for the MailDefender include the United Nations, U.S. Military, and other high-profile government and financial institutions. Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-7 mandates all 9,000 federal buildings to comply with anti-bioterrorism protection, potentially creating an estimated $70 billion market for devices like MailDefender. Headquarters are at 12 Channel Street, Boston, MA 02210. Tel: 617-778-1800.

About Biotest Laboratories, Inc.

Biotest Laboratories, Inc. was organized by Gregg A. Mosley in 1988 as a test laboratory for manufacturers of medical products. To meet growing customer requests, Biotest Laboratories has developed areas of Contract Manufacturing, Packaging/Assembly, Contract Steam Sterilization, Cleanroom/Cleanbench Testing and Certification, Validation Services, Microbial Management (Evariology), and Training and Consulting Services. The company has 80 employees and is headquartered at 8990 Springbrook Drive NW, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55433. Telephone 763-785-2414 or visit

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