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June 21, 2013 12:11 ET

Biozoom (BIZM) Positioned To Leverage Multiple Lucrative Healthcare Trends

GENEVE, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwired - June 21, 2013) - Biozoom (OTCQB - BIZM), With an aging population in North America and elsewhere, healthcare-related devices represent a massive opportunity for investors. The global home healthcare device industry is expected to reach $29 billion by 2017, while the do-it-yourself home health related test market - estimated at $2 billion to $3 billion globally - is growing by 20% a year.

Developments at Biozoom (OTCQB - BIZM) indicate that the company is well positioned within this burgeoning trend. Physicians in the Skin Physiology Department at Charité Berlin Hospital, a renowned teaching institution in Germany that has produced 11 Nobel winners, recently tested the company's Biozoom Biofeedback Scanner - and the results indicate that the small, handheld device could take healthcare, fitness and multiple consumer markets in entirely new directions.

The non-invasive Biozoom scanner, the size of a TV remote, is a model of simplicity. With the click of a button and without piercing the skin, the scanner is able to measuring a variety of health factors, including tissue perfusion (i.e., blood flow) and the level of antioxidants, which work to enhance immune defenses, lowering the risk of cancer and other diseases. A scanner radiates light into the skin using special LED crystals. The reflected light is absorbed, relayed and interpreted wirelessly in just a few seconds. The doctors, who had been using slower, larger and much more expensive equipment to do the same tests, were impressed with the scanner's capabilities and results.

The company has taken steps to establish solid protection for its intellectual property, which has been under development for years, and solid relationships with some of the best-known names in the global economy: European telecom giant Vodaphone, which invested in the concept in the past and remains interested in the technology; and Carl Zeiss International, a world leader in optical engineering and the company's partner for the development, engineering and manufacturing of the device's optical unit.

In the near future, the device may be enhanced in ways that could expand its uses in healthcare, fitness and the beauty industry. In fact, if miniaturization continues as planned, it could be embedded inside smartphones, watches and other consumer products, for instant feedback on health and fitness. With its ease of use, low price and usefulness, it may have the potential to be every bit as useful, addictive and profitable as smartphones.

At fitness facilities, Biozoom scanners could replace the time-consuming and expensive Vo2Max test for fitness. (The fitness industry alone generates more than $25 billion in revenues at an estimated 30,000 locations across the U.S.) At beauty supply stores, customers could be scanned for free radicals (suspected aging agents) and skin moisture levels, resulting in recommendations for an anti-aging crème or a supplement - and which could boost sales at health-oriented retail outlets and help people get healthier.

One can imagine the Biozoom scanner being used to do screenings in pharmacies, beauty supply stores, fitness facilities and even big box food supermarkets. Weight loss programs through companies such as NutriSystem or Weight Watchers could benefit immediate feedback on important health biomarkers including cholesterol, blood sugar and vitamin levels. There's even talk that consumer products companies such as Unilever, Procter and Gamble, Gillette and Braun could embed a miniaturized sensor into electric toothbrushes or razors, giving consumers a quick read on heart disease indicators such as blood fats, or antioxidant levels and blood sugar. Sports medicine, drug testing … the list goes on.

Among all the trends that could impact Biozoom, the change in the economics of healthcare is the overarching one. A full 70% of all healthcare spending now goes to treat "lifestyle" diseases. The good news is that many of these diseases are preventable or reversible - especially if a device comes along that makes it easier and faster.

The company is forming alliances with industry leaders (according to one report, IBM expressed interest), there is no other product like it in the world, it has solid intellectual property that is protected, and the company's leadership is respected.

In sum, Biozoom is an innovator - and stock - very much worth watching.

About Biozoom

Biozoom is an innovative technology development company, specializing in the commercialization of our advances in mobile spectroscopy. Our intellectual property portfolio and ongoing research are positioned to apply Biozoom's technology breakthroughs to a wide range of markets. Our first consumer product, the Biozoom scanner, gives people the feedback they need to manage their health, wellness and fitness on demand. Tested in leading health institutions, our scanner is the first of its kind-a handheld, transdermal device for measuring biomarkers, including antioxidant levels, at the click of a button. Scan results-and customized wellness coaching based on those biomarkers-are sent instantly to a smartphone or online account. The scanner will enable leaders in the health and wellness industry to create new levels of customer loyalty and revenues as a result. For more information on Biozoom, Inc traded under the stock symbol BIZM, visit www.biozoom.net.

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