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June 25, 2013 08:58 ET

Biozoom (BIZM) Reports Moving from Prototype to Production

GENEVE, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwired - June 25, 2013) - Biozoom (OTCQB - BIZM.OB), creator of a first of its kind portable, handheld device for real-time biofeedback, continues to execute. The latest milestone, that the Biozoom Biofeedback Scanner is moving from prototype stage to commercial production, reflects the company's aggressive approach to the promising global home healthcare device industry, which is expected to reach $29 billion by 2017 (according to Research and Markets), and the do-it-yourself home health related test market, estimated by Bloomberg to be $2 billion to $3 billion globally.

The company reported that its first shipment is anticipated to be dedicated to market testing in the U.S., a $150 billion or larger health and wellness market, according to Booz & Company. The initial scanners are expected to be used for large-scale studies by major multinational cosmetics and consumer goods producers, as well as large employers.

The Skin Physiology Department at Charité Berlin Hospital, a renowned teaching institution in Germany that has produced 11 Nobel winners, is among the respected European institutions than have been involved in clinical trials. With the click of a button and without piercing the skin, the handheld non-invasive Biozoom scanner is able to assist in measuring a variety of anti-aging factors, including tissue perfusion (i.e., blood flow), skin moisture and nutritional absorption. A transdermal scanner radiates light into the skin using patented optics produced by Carl Zeiss, and the reflected light is absorbed, relayed and interpreted wirelessly in just a few seconds.

Initial testing results have compared favorably to much larger and more expensive measuring devices. According to the company, the first commercially produced units will include all of the patented components in an effort to prove the feasibility of low-cost mass production.

Market growth and timing also appear to be on Biozoom's side. For example, a recent Consumer Electronics Association study, "Getting Connected with Emerging Fitness Technologies," found that 55% of online consumers in the U.S. used some form of fitness electronics last year, while 37% anticipate buying a wellness related device this year.

As an innovative company in a fast-growing sector, with a practical, affordable device that could be as addictive as smartphones, Biozoom continues to be a company and a stock worth watching.

About Biozoom

Biozoom is an innovative technology development company, specializing in the commercialization of our advances in mobile spectroscopy. Our intellectual property portfolio and ongoing research are positioned to apply Biozoom's technology breakthroughs to a wide range of markets. Our first consumer product, the Biozoom scanner, gives people the feedback they need to manage their health, wellness and fitness on demand. Tested in leading health institutions, our scanner is the first of its kind-a handheld, transdermal device for measuring biomarkers, including antioxidant levels, at the click of a button. Scan results-and customized wellness coaching based on those biomarkers-are sent instantly to a smartphone or online account. The scanner will enable leaders in the health and wellness industry to create new levels of customer loyalty and revenues as a result. For more information on Biozoom, Inc traded under the stock symbol BIZM, visit www.biozoom.net.

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