January 27, 2016 14:03 ET

Bit-Click™ Post Launch Update

Bit-Click™, the New, Secure Carry Tool Company, Conquered Major Milestones Since the Launch

CREAM RIDGE, NJ--(Marketwired - January 27, 2016) - Bit-Click™ is now available for sale, two weeks ahead of schedule, in the online sector and working final details with Google and Amazon to suit a more digital globe, both wholesale and retail. Within the next few weeks the flow of distribution will be set to begin for major construction and hardware stores across the nation to receive Bit-Click™ purchase orders. Nevertheless, Bit-Click™ is running ahead of schedule and "ready to meet the demand of America," as Mike Di Monte put it in today's post launch update meeting.

"Hardware stores are quite scarcely distributed across America," says Mike, "but when we have our Bit-Click™ displays consistently serving customers at your grounds of work, the other vendors will become more serious. They will also try harder and provide better products. That will give our retail and wholesale clients confidence in our sales and sales will increase." The United States alone has over 15 million people employed in the construction industry. This is according to a United States Census Bureau. "We have many Bit-Click™ customers to serve together. Bit-Click™ is a plus to effectiveness in advancing an economy for the free world on the basis of saving time for more work," mentioned Mike, Bit-Click™ CEO and inventor. In recent months the number of buildings under construction, maintenance and repair has gone up. Experts believe this trend will continue, with the possibility of two or even three times the number of buildings coming up to meet modern day demands and designs.

Bit-Click™ is the fastest growing company of its time, as it is the only tool that provides a clip on belt strap tool solution for the secure storage of impact driver bits with In-Tite™ engineering, also invented by Mike.

January 26, 2016 marked another milestone as Bit-Click™ became a shareholder in Roadrunner Transport Services. Mark A. DiBlasi, President and CEO, states "Our commitment to revenue growth and earnings, increasing brand recognition, service and quality, as well as attracting the finest employees in the industry, provides opportunities to carry us to exciting new heights and provide exceptional shareholder value in the years ahead," and that Roadrunner Transport Services achieved over $1.9 billion in revenue in 2014 (2014 Annual Report).

Bit-Click™ CEO Mike Di Monte is confident that as a shareholder, there will be no need to exercise shareholder power to the extent of asking questions about the directors, compensation and auditing. "The company is a solid firm and the infrastructure is sound. We are excited to be a part of the growth from a shareholder perspective," Mike stated in his briefing yesterday. Projecting $2.2 million in transport costs globally over the next few years it only makes sense for Bit-Click™ to position itself with Roadrunner Transport Services, who has the experience in customizing solutions to meet unique transportation and logistics needs. This is a plus to serving Bit-Click™ customers with more confidence, better trust, observing all possible convenience and efficiency.

This investment represents Bit-Click's commitment to the "being on board" concept as Mike put it and then added, "Bit-Click wants to ensure each client and every customer is satisfied and provided the best experience and expertise by the nation's most well-known and trusted names in the transportation industry, and now to add, in the construction industry. Considering this to be one of the leading transportation agencies in the country, in terms of contract services, Bit-Click ensures all shipments reach customers' destinations on time."

Mike called upon adding more partners to the Bit-Click™ organization when he said "We mind our customers, and to ensure a steady relationship with all our clients nationwide, we have to work with all willing partners to the benefit of safeguarding our relationships." The inventor of the new Bit-Click™, Mike Di Monte, is laser focused on the business at hand and during the commissioning of the Bit-Click logistics strategy meeting he also added, "this is meant to satisfy Bit-Click™ logistics and warehouse distribution nationwide."

This was so timely as only a few hours before the meeting, Bit-Click™ recently announced an online campaign running on Facebook that targeted users across the nation.

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