SOURCE: Innovator Jason Brailow

Innovator Jason Brailow

January 30, 2015 19:36 ET

Bitcoin Expert Jason Brailow, Talks About the Future of Cryptocurrency

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 30, 2015) - The first U.S. Bitcoin exchange in the United States, backed by $106 million in investor funding, opened this week, allowing users to buy and sell Bitcoins in 24 states, including New York and California. After the significant downward spurt of the digital currency earlier this month, this announcement may seem unexpected, but Bitcoin experts including Jason Brailow are not surprised by this development: "I believe the recent price drop we have witnessed is a benefit for Bitcoins in the long run. The market needed to be corrected -- the Bitcoin could not continue to sustain itself at such an overinflated price."

Brailow's optimism is supported by an increasing number of new applications and products that are based on Bitcoin technology. Encouraged by the exponential growth of the virtual currency over the last five years, major players including Dell Computers, Dish Network, Bloomberg LP, PayPal, and started to accept Bitcoins, fostering the currency's credibility and stability. "Bitcoins are not just a trend, they are the currency of the future," states Brailow, who in 2014 launched a Bitcoin company as a division of Advanced Global Concepts, a highly successful direct marketing business. "As the Bitcoin continues to see corrections, it will likely attract more long-term investors which will only strengthen our business model as well as our partners."

Venture capitalists funding Bitcoins are investing in the brilliant idea behind the cryptocurrency, which can change the online trading landscape as we know it. Jason Brailow was one of the first entrepreneurs to recognize this potential and was quick to build a novel financial infrastructure to guarantee safe handling of the digital currency. Asked about the motivation to bring his Bitcoin project to life, Brailow raves: "Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, use digital wallets and peer-to-peer Internet connectivity, rather than bank accounts and traditional wire transfer networks. The benefits of these digital alternatives to national currencies include low-cost, high-speed transactions, privacy, and easy access through the Internet. Bitcoin transactions are conducted using unique value addresses and private key cryptography, providing a high degree of anonymity. I believe it is only a matter of time until it will become a worldwide recognized means of payment."

Advanced Global Concepts received its first round of financing of $5 million for Bitcoin exchange and has experienced an overwhelmingly positive response on the marketplace since its launch in November. Founder, owner, and CEO of Advanced Global Concepts, Jason Brailow, built a proprietary infrastructure for Bitcoin based on high-performance exchange technologies, which allows him to offer clients secure, high-performance storage solutions. The result is a robust trading engine that serves many of the world's most influential banks, hedge funds, brokerages, FX dealers, and trading firms, and set a new standard in the rapidly growing Bitcoin market.

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