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Sync Foundation

August 12, 2014 10:55 ET

Bitcoin's "Little Brother" Is Now Asset-Backed

Sync Coin Also Launches Profit-Sharing Program

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Aug 12, 2014) - Although Bitcoin is the mainstream headliner, another coin, dubbed its "little brother," is making big waves in the crypto-industry by being the first asset-backed, profit-sharing currency.

"Sync Coin is more like an investment and member club than a currency like Bitcoin," says Sync Foundation and co-founder, Mike Fiol. "For one thing, total supply of Sync is only 1,100 and now they are asset-backed, profit-sharing vehicles."

Those assets include other crypto-currencies but also premium domain names like,,,,, and more.

In essence Sync holders share in multiple commodities, the assets and the coin itself which currently exchanges on the open market for $600 each -- up 800% over the last month and above the price of Bitcoin.

"The crypto market has embraced Sync but they don't yet understand the asset value so it is still underpriced," adds Fiol, whose firm has internally appraised Sync at around $2,000 each. "Investors can diversify and profit by buying Sync before crypto wakes up."

Getting paid on asset sales involves enrolling in the profit-sharing program, called Sync Profits. To qualify, applicants must own a minimum of three Sync coins. Then whenever a sale is made, a net percentage is paid out to verified members in the program.

But time appears to be running out as traders snatch and hold coins and the program reaches its enrollment limit.

"Sync is increasingly rare," says Fiol. "Current investors understand the value so they've been shrinking the available inventory for weeks."

Yet there are other 'perks' that are drawing people to Sync as well. Benefits like 50% interest, airline miles, fast transaction speeds, global discounts, parties and more have made the coin a stand-out in crypto.

"Being a Sync holder comes with tangible rewards outside the coin," remarks Fiol. "But profits and value are the main dishes."

Perhaps Bitcoin should be proud.

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