April 28, 2009 11:57 ET

Bivar Lights the Way for LED Innovation

Addresses Growth Demands for LED Indication; Leverages 40 Year History in Electronics Industry

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - April 28, 2009) - What do automobiles, traffic lights, Christmas trees, ultrasound machines and the Statue of Liberty all have in common? The answer, surprisingly, is LED illumination. Today, LEDs power many of the products we use and the future for LEDs is very bright indeed. In fact, LEDs are poised to become the dominant source of our lighting in the future.

The benefits of LEDs are well-documented, from low energy consumption to superior brightness and color clarity to low maintenance and small size. And in a time of bad news where layoffs and corporate restructures abound, the forecast for the LED market is upbeat and positive. Industry analyst firm, iSuppli, forecasts a growth year for LEDs in 2009. The LED market is expected to outshine the overall semiconductor market during the electronic downturn, with 2.9 percent revenue growth estimated this year alone.

The possibilities for LEDs are endless and according to the European Photonics Industry Consortium, LED applications fall into three categories: visual signal applications, where light goes from the LED to the human eye to convey a message; illumination, where LED light is reflected from an object to give visual response of these objects; and generation of light for measuring and interacting with processes that do not involve the human visual system.

Bivar, a leading specialty provider of LED indication products and solutions, sees LED indication, the machine to human interface, as one of the most interesting application areas benefitting from LED advancement. "We see LED indication in our homes, vehicles, workplaces, and throughout consumer and industrial end-products," said Mike Finn, Bivar vice president of sales and marketing. "We're also seeing LED indication in places and devices never before imagined."

The key to LED indication applications being well-served is the innovation and subsequent options now appearing in LED packaging, lensing, assemblies, light pipe systems, and the overall ease of moving and positioning light to best suit that critical and much needed machine to human interface.

With a 43 year history in the electronics industry and a reputation for quality, high performing products, Irvine, Calif.-based Bivar is poised to take advantage of the growing trend in LEDs. Bivar has served the LED community for many years with superior hardware and assembly solutions used in a broad range of applications -- from medical device, computing and storage, networking and security equipment to gaming, defense and aerospace, robotics and automotive. With a global customer base of over 20,000 companies, many of which are Fortune 500 corporations, Bivar is making the natural transition from positioning light to moving light.

Bivar's commitment is to provide LED indication products and solutions that make moving light from point-to-point practical, easy, efficient and affordable. Bivar's focus is on moving light and views indication as a means for machines to communicate with humans.

A crowded space with lots of players and many products to choose from, the optelectronics industry is filled with powerhouse manufacturers that focus on volume to fuel this insatiable market. "But that's not Bivar's sweet spot," said Finn. "We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and help them sort through the maze of technology available and provide them with a conceptual range of choices that help them beat their competition."

Bivar is proud of its legacy and intends to build on its solid reputation as a passionate partner that welcomes the opportunity to apply and adapt its products to empower design engineers to achieve their goals. "Tailoring standard products is our normal mode of business and has earned us customer loyalty," said Finn. "Unlike volume LED suppliers, we embrace the opportunity to work with our customers and become value added partners. Our approach is to listen to their needs and come to the table with an open mind that fosters creativity."

Bivar has a full schedule of innovative new products scheduled for release in 2009. Having just announced their ORCA series, a new line of super flux LEDs, Bivar also has several new LED and light pipe solutions scheduled for release before this fall.

According to Finn, key components to success in the optoelectronics market are stability, global logistics, inventory availability and product innovation. Bivar has spent years honing its position in each of these critical areas and has established itself as a known entity.

"The next step for us is to execute on our vision," added Finn. "We move light -- and whether that's a custom solution or an off the shelf standard light pipe system design, we're working closely with our customers to empower them to achieve their goals."

About Bivar

Bivar is a leading specialty provider of LED indication products and solutions with a long-standing history of more than 43 years of innovation in the optoelectronics industry. With a global base of customers in 35 countries, Bivar's products are designed to meet the increased demand for point-to-point indication and address a growing range of industrial markets and applications. Bivar's focus is on moving light. An employee-owned company, Bivar's corporate headquarters are located in Southern California, with manufacturing in California, China and Taiwan. Bivar's Asia Pacific production and logistics centers offer scalable capacity, execution, control and movement of product around the world. Bivar is widely supported by a highly qualified network of authorized representatives and distributors. For more information, please visit

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