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January 31, 2007 13:27 ET

Bizanga Partners With Habeas to Eliminate Bad Senders

SAN MATEO, CA and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 31, 2007 -- Bizanga, the global company behind the most scalable and full-featured e-mail and message processing platform, has joined with Habeas, Inc., the company that certifies the reputations of legitimate e-mail senders, in a partnership to allow service providers and operators to better identify legitimate, as well as malicious, e-mail senders. This partnership integrates the Habeas SenderIndex and SafeList products with Bizanga's Intelligent Message Processor (IMP), providing a unique approach to verify the legitimacy of senders based on their reputation provided by Habeas. Service providers currently struggling with processes to control and manage bulk senders with unclear reputations can use SafeList and work with Habeas to refer these senders for certification of compliance with posted usage policies. This simplifies the process and lowers the cost of operation for service providers.

Using SenderIndex allows Bizanga to tap into a network of over 4.3 million receiving systems around the world tracking reputation of over 300 million sending systems. Moreover, Bizanga will be able to correlate its message protection by leveraging reputation data of message traffic in over 224 countries and territories around the world.

Bizanga has tightly integrated SenderIndex and SafeList with the reputation system of the IMP Base Platform. For any reputable sender with good credentials clearly identified on the SafeList, Bizanga customers can bypass further checks, trusting the certification and monitoring process of Habeas. The SenderIndex data combined with other internal and external reputation sources further provides a valuable resource to automatically and clearly identify malicious e-mail senders. It also blocks traffic from such senders, simultaneously freeing additional resources.

With the unique characteristics of each sender provided by SenderIndex and exposed in Bizanga's workflow policy processor, customers can apply a variety of policies to qualify e-mail streams. Bizanga also provides an optional feedback loop with Habeas to increase the accuracy and timeliness of SenderIndex and SafeList data.

"We're proud to be working with such a leader in the e-mail and messaging space as Bizanga," says Des Cahill, CEO of Habeas. "The company's superior performance architecture and unsurpassed scalability makes them a key partner for Habeas in the high-end message solution space. This partnership further solidifies the complementary design goals of Habeas SenderIndex as well as the solid foundation assured by the Habeas SafeList."

"Habeas has extended the depth of reputation data, providing information previously not available," says Bizanga Chief Marketing Officer Marc Sheldon. "In tests, the quality of the data in the SenderIndex and SafeList provided measurably better filtering rates at the network edge. The combination of the sender characteristics in SenderIndex and Bizanga's Workflow Policy Processor provides a unique option for advanced filtering."

Habeas SenderIndex and SafeList are available for Bizanga's current and future customers as fully integrated modules of the Bizanga IMP Base Platform beginning with version 3.0.

Habeas works with both e-mail senders and receivers to provide enhanced e-mail delivery through certifying senders and entering them on Habeas' Safelist -- a whitelist used by major ISPs and spam filters to deliver legitimate e-mail into the inbox. As well, Habeas helps e-mail receivers, ISPs and anti-spam solution providers enhance e-mail delivery and threat protections of their messaging networks.

Habeas SafeList's certification policies have been aggregated over the years to reflect the variety of ISP certification standards faced by legitimate senders. Habeas' certification standards, while normally a superset of any specific installation's policies, have been architected to allow customization and implementation specific overrides as necessary.

About Bizanga:

Bizanga is the global company that developed the most scalable and full-featured E-mail message processing and security platform, the Intelligent Message Processor® (IMP). The IMP can be deployed to protect an E-mail infrastructure from blended threats including spam, viruses, denial-of-service and harvest attacks. It can also be used to perform parental control, compliance/encryption services or simply to manage infrastructure migration or new service deployment. Designed especially for service providers, the IMP is extremely easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, including provisioning systems and message store. IMPs handle E-mail for millions of mailboxes throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Bizanga sells direct to Internet service providers, cable operators, fixed-line and mobile operators. The technology is also available on an OEM basis to application software vendors. Bizanga is a member of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Work Group ( For more information about Bizanga, visit the company's Web site at

About Habeas, Inc.

Habeas is an E-mail trust authority that re-establishes E-mail as a reliable business communications medium. Habeas enables commercial E-mail senders to certify their communications as legitimate, and helps ISPs and message security vendors make better, more efficient decisions about how to sort inbound mail. By aggregating, analyzing and categorizing the reputation of millions of E-mail senders around the globe, Habeas is making sure legitimate E-mail gets delivered. Habeas Solutions for senders include best practices certification, Internet whitelisting and E-mail monitoring services that improve delivery to over a quarter of a million E-mail servers at major Fortune 1000 companies and leading ISPs. Habeas Solutions for receivers include SenderIndex, the industry's leading E-mail reputation database that helps reduce inbound E-mail handling costs and ensures end users receive the E-mail they need.

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