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May 19, 2008 07:30 ET

BizRadio Brain Trust Debunks the Inflation Myth and Shares Socialism-Resistant Investment Strategy, an Industrial Info News Alert

SUGAR LAND, TX--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Eavesdrop on BizRadio's Daniel Frishberg, Dr. Art Laffer, Dan Cofall and Jim LaCamp as they share their best investment ideas and strategies. It's just like you were invited into a group of multimillionaires sharing a brew at the local pub, but instead of talking sports, these guys are spouting wealth-building tips and strategies. Pull up a chair and listen in to revelations like:

"Dr. Laffer, why do you think that the inflation is not a worry and that the dollar isn't going to continue sliding?"

Dr. Laffer: It is very true that spot commodity prices, gold prices and the dollar all indicate an inflation bent, they really do, but there are lots of indicators that should be there that aren't there. For example, you see interest rates are still very, very low, even the 10-year bond yield is very low. Bonds know how to predict inflation. Likewise there is no money growth. The monetary base, which is controlled by the Fed, has not grown at all. What is really happening here is investors are trying to pull their money out of the U.S. and put it in other countries, and that is pushing the dollar down and that is pushing spot commodity prices up above where they otherwise would be in the U.S. and that really, if anything, we are suffering risk of deflation, not inflation.

"Dan Frishberg, what do you think American investors should do as the government moves more toward the left?"

Mr. Frishberg: You know what, I'm not an economist, I'm an investment strategist and I look at Europe, and I remember Europe when it was moving toward all this government control and socialism -- not letting companies die, not letting people lay people off when they needed to, not letting people go for the low-cost supplier. They were making all kinds of rules because in Europe, the government knew who should win and who should lose. They wanted to pick the good guys and pick the bad guys and so what happened? First their economy collapsed. Then after their economy was a basket case, the companies in Europe learned how to do business in the world by moving their facilities to other countries. That's what is going to happen here because our government is moving in that direction. So my own long-term strategy is looking for the American companies that are smart enough to move their facilities and move their production and move their business elsewhere. Of course they want to live in America. It's great to live in America! But they want to do business in places that are more hospitable.

Grab a pencil (and maybe a brew of your own) and jot down some notes. Hear Mr. LaCamp's global natural resources investment tactics and Mr. Cofall's Brazilian theory and gold plays. There's real money to be made here at BizRadio and Radio.

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