September 08, 2011 08:00 ET

Bizzy Enables Foursquare's Ten Million Users to Easily Rate and Share the Places They Check Into

Foursquare Users Can Now Turn Their Check-Ins Into Recommendations

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 8, 2011) - Bizzy, a mobile app that lets users recommend great places to their friends, is bringing Bizzy's Check-Out feature, which lets you quickly and easily share your sentiment about the places you visit, to Foursquare's ten million users. Bizzy is letting users leverage their Foursquare check-ins to keep track of their favorite places, let friends know how the experience was with a simple tap of a button (Love It, Okay, No Thanks), and add a mini-review and a photo as easily as you would send a tweet.

News Highlights

  • When a Bizzy user links their Foursquare account, they'll be able to quickly go in and check out of the places they've recently been by leaving a rating and a quick review.
  • When users check in on Foursquare, Bizzy can remind them to check out on Bizzy by sending an alert or reminding them in their news feed. Users can then answer the question "How was it?" for their friends and followers.
  • Have a favorite place that you checked in at in the past? No worries! Bizzy allows you to roll over the places you've visited previously and check out from those locations to share your thoughts on how it was.
  • When you check out, you teach Bizzy about the kinds of places you like so it can recommend the next great place for you to try and suggest similar people for you to follow.

"People love Foursquare. Foursquare users check in three million times every day. We want to make it seamless for them to share their sentiment about the places they visit, helping them and their friends find and recommend only the best places to try in the future. If a place was great, their followers can add it to their Try List so they can easily remember the places they want to try the next time they are in the area."- Gadi Shamia, founder of Bizzy

"I'm really excited about what Bizzy has done with Foursquare. I am an avid user of both Foursquare and Bizzy, and now I'll be reminded to check out every time I check in so I can let my friends and followers know the difference between the places I love and the places that are just OK. There's a high barrier to reviewing a business on most review sites, but Bizzy makes it easy for me -- sharing a review takes the same amount of time as sharing a tweet, and I can express my sentiments with a tap of a button." - Mike Schneider, co-author of the book "Location-Based Marketing for Dummies"

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Bizzy is a mobile app that lets users recommend local places to their followers. Those recommendations can be added to users' 'Try Lists' where they can be retrieved using a personalized location aware search engine that combines places on your Try List with recommendations based on the types of places you like. Bizzy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ReachLocal (NASDAQ: RLOC). For more information, visit

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