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March 16, 2017 10:05 ET

BKON Launches 'Touchpoint Browsing' for the Internet of Things with PHY, a Customer-Directed Engagement Platform

Technology firm pioneers new category that gives people a revolutionary in-app browsing experience and gives marketers new tools to engage visitors

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - March 16, 2017) - BKON Connect, Inc., a leading technology innovator that advances consumer digital engagement, has launched a robust platform and software development kit (SDK) that turns any mobile app into a browser for the internet of things, allowing people to join digital experiences in physical spaces -- any content, activity, app, location, or digital touchpoint.

BKON's new PHY platform enables apps with "touchpoint browsing," which lets people browse digital touchpoints in physical places, see instant previews of the content and control whether to select the content (click here for demonstration). Owners of brick-and-mortar locations can engage visitors with interesting information or fun interactive content when they have an enabled app.

"We have opened a new door to the mobile internet," said Richard Graves, founder and CEO of BKON. "This enterprising technology allows internet-like browsing for the physical world, giving consumers a powerful new tool for instant previews of available content, while for marketers it allows content to be dynamically managed per audience and measured for impact. It's a revolutionary browsing experience."

Touchpoint browsing combines into one application/SDK all the touchpoint technologies that are customer directed -- including Physical Web beacons, QR codes and NFC tags. This means people can have digital experiences wirelessly, visually, or by touch, and they can use the interface that most conveniently or accurately fits the context of their environment. This pioneering technology reimagines the entire customer engagement experience.

This is the first time that customer-directed engagement through a range of digital touchpoints has been combined into a single SDK to enhance any mobile app, and into a single platform for easy deployment and campaign management. Advantages are:

  • Content and interactions can be distributed through multiple touchpoints, of any variety, located anywhere.
  • The PHY platform can update any touchpoint instantly -- one at a time, in bulk, on a schedule, or via an Application Programming Interface (API).
  • The digital interactions available from touchpoints can be different for different apps. This is useful for A/B testing, delivering different content to different audiences, premium content for users of your app, and more.
  • Impressions can be measured independent of click-throughs for instant attribution with a closed feedback loop.

This integrated approach also reveals a magical user interface, where users smoothly move from one touchpoint to another, while seeing image-rich previews of available content and interactions. This experience is faster, more private and more secure than alternative interfaces.

Another major benefit of these three customer-directed touchpoint technologies is that they are all open and URL-based. This means that touchpoint content deployed for app users will also be available for users of popular apps like Chrome, Snapchat, and Twitter.

BKON's PHY platform marks a strategic departure from current proximity marketing tactics that use mobile apps to track a smartphone's location and push messages to it. Instead, the PHY platform introduces customer-directed engagement. Different industries can take advantage of this innovative new approach to proximity marketing. For example:

  • Museums and aquariums: BKON's technology will deliver a reimagined digital experience to visitors at OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona, the largest aquarium in the Southwest -- spanning 200,000 square feet and holding more than 2 million gallons of water in an entertaining, interactive, and educational theme-park-style setting.
  • Higher education: Visitors to Vanderbilt University in Nashville can discover BKON technology at the Owen Graduate School of Management and the Wond'ry, the center for innovation and entrepreneurship on campus. "The browsing experience just works -- and the platform made it easy to create and change content on the fly as we learned what worked and what didn't," said Dr. David A. Owens, professor for the practice of management and innovation. "The proximity marketing space lacks a 'customer-controlled' approach, and BKON provides the tools that work with any content, any app, any location, any touchpoint."
  • Events: Entertainment technologist Ken Gay has worked on large-scale events, like Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl halftime show and musical sets for Saturday Night Live, but he loves how BKON technology can delight people in new and creative ways. "To provide the ability for attendees to walk up to any activation piece and engage with that brand in a wholly entertaining and educational way is priceless," said Gay, of ProximityPro. "Thanks to BKON Connect, it's simple to take our clients' events from merely engaging… to transformative."

The PHY platform is built on the Physical Web, an open source project from Google and a dimension of the internet that allows direct engagement with consumers when they are nearby. The technology can be integrated into any app with a few lines of code to unlock touchpoint browsing. Check out this video to see the innovative platform in action.

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BKON Connect, Inc. is a Nashville-based technology company that makes software and hardware tools that enable people to digitally browse the internet of things. BKON's PHY Platform is an enterprise class, end-to-end platform that manages all types of digital touchpoints, including Physical Web beacons, QR codes, and NFC tags in 40 countries worldwide. With the PHY platform retailers, galleries and venues of all types can quickly and easily change content across multiple locations and for multiple audiences, driving the ultimate proximity customer engagement and interaction. Learn more at

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