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October 14, 2010 08:00 ET

BLADE Network Technologies Unveils First Single-Chip Switch to Break Terabit Barrier

New RackSwitch G8264 Brings Game-Changing 40G to the Data Center

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2010) -  BLADE Network Technologies (BLADE), the data center switching company, announced today the RackSwitch G8264™, the first single-chip 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) top-of-rack switch to deliver more than one terabit of low-latency throughput to the data center.

BLADE's delivery of the RackSwitch G8264 marks the first time a single-chip switch is available for terabit-scale deployment of 10GbE. Aimed at fueling mainstream adoption of 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet for the enterprise data center, the RackSwitch G8264 is priced at an industry-pacesetting $350 per 10GbE port with 40GbE connectivity at just $1,400 per port.

With 64-10GbE ports, up to four-40GbE ports and 1.28 terabits of non-blocking throughput, the RackSwitch G8264 is designed for HPC clusters, cloud computing, algorithmic trading and other I/O-intensive and highly virtualized workloads. Its ultra-efficient single-chip switch fabric ensures deterministic "fair" latency and consistent throughput across all port combinations. This new top-of-rack switch extends BLADE's award-winning RackSwitch family that brings unprecedented speed and intelligence to the edge of the network.

RackSwitch G8264 advantages include:

  • 1st single-chip Ethernet top-of-rack switch exceeding 1Tb bandwidth
  • 1st top of rack switch with true 40GbE
  • Best-in-class data center features, including VMready for VM-aware network virtualization
  • 1st standards-compliant, non-proprietary TRILL platform
  • Lossless, deterministic low-latency, low power, low cost

"BLADE is proud to break the terabit barrier in a single-chip design with the RackSwitch G8264," said Vikram Mehta, president and CEO, BLADE Network Technologies. "Our new switch is designed for today's most demanding requirements at the data center edge to interconnect highly utilized servers equipped with 10 Gigabit Ethernet and provide seamless migration to 40 Gigabit upstream networks."

BLADE's RackSwitch G8264 provides full interoperability with multivendor network environments that support the IEEE 802.3ba 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet standard as validated using Ixia test equipment. With the accelerating adoption of 10GbE on servers and storage systems, higher speed uplinks are required to handle the increased network bandwidth. 40GbE is the next logical step.

Industry Comments

"Today's enterprise data centers require massive amounts of bandwidth, with 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments growing rapidly and 40 Gigabit Ethernet is the next step," said Lucinda Borovick, vice president, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure and Datacenter Networks, IDC. "To ensure that edge networks can meet today's bandwidth needs, today's top-of-rack switches must combine top performance with virtualization-aware intelligence and data center-specific capabilities. For data centers that are increasingly deploying servers equipped with 10GbE, BLADE's RackSwitch G8264 is an impressive form factor at a market-leading price point."

"Netezza has been deploying BLADE Network Technologies' high-speed data fabric networking to enable our Netezza TwinFin appliance to reset the price-performance bar for the data warehouse and analytics market," said John Metzger, vice president, Product Strategy at Netezza Corporation. "BLADE's new 10/40G RackSwitch G8264 is raising the bar for those looking for even greater levels of performance at the lowest total cost of ownership for their data-driven intelligence."

"Today's data centers are generating more and more data, which calls for a new generation of powerful data center edge networking that can deliver information as rapidly and efficiently as possible," said John Abbott, chief analyst, The 451 Group. "BLADE was one of the first vendors to lower the cost of 10 Gigabit Ethernet blade switches down to practical levels back in 2007, and has since made some significant advances in network virtualization. The new 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet switch will further strengthen their portfolio."

About BLADE RackSwitch G8264
The RackSwitch G8264 delivers best-in-class capabilities purpose-built for today's highly virtualized and I/O-intensive data centers and cloud computing networks:

  • Single-Chip Switch Fabric: RackSwitch G8264 uses an innovative switching architecture to operate with low, deterministic latency, consistent bi-directional throughput at line rate across all ports combinations, better microburst absorption, greater reliability and ultra-low power consumption of just 5.8 watts per port, at a game-changing price.

  • Massive Scale: RackSwitch G8264 includes 48 SFP+ ports for 10GbE or 1GbE operation and four QSFP+ ports for 40GbE uplinks or 10GbE use via a breakout cable for a total of 64 10GbE ports. The new terabit-class switch provides massive scalability for highly virtualized data center networks with up to 448 10GbE server ports in a stacked configuration for interconnecting thousands of virtual machines.

  • Virtual Vision: RackSwitch G8264 integrates BLADE's VMready 3.0 with Virtual Vision to secure and automate Virtual Machine migrations across large data center environments. BLADE's innovative and proven VMready™ "sees" virtual machines (VMs) as they move from server to server, protecting virtual machines by automatically synchronizing network policies among switches and hypervisors. With the Virtual Vision central policy database, BLADE's VMready provides a single point of management for VM traffic and security across an entire data center with hundreds of servers and thousands of VMs, all designed for easy transition to emerging IEEE 802.1Qbg standards.

  • Next Generation Data Center Networking: RackSwitch G8264 supports the DCB/CEE standards for converged data center networks for FCoE, iSCSI or NAS, IBM Virtual Fabric for flexible vNIC connectivity, HotLinks and Layer 2 failover and standard Layer 2/3 features including stacking, IP PIM multicast, dynamic routing and spanning tree. With a planned software upgrade, the RackSwitch G8264 will support the TRILL standard for large, flat networks.

  • Congestion Prevention: Because network traffic between highly virtualized multi-core servers generates large amounts of server-to-server network traffic, virtualized servers need congestion notifications much earlier than enabled by conventional switches. BLADE RackSwitch G8264 incorporates Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) and Weighed Random Early Detection (WRED), which control packet flow from servers to avoid large saw-tooth fluctuations in network throughput that can slow application performance.

Price and Availability
BLADE's RackSwitch G8264 will be available in November through BLADE's RackSwitch Solution Partners at an MSRP of $22,500 USD. See the RackSwitch G8264 in BLADE's booth 3818 at SuperComputing'10, November 15-18, New Orleans.

About BLADE Network Technologies
BLADE Network Technologies (BLADE), the data center switching company, brings speed and intelligence to the network edge, closer to customers' business, users and innovations. BLADE's lossless, low-latency, and low-power RackSwitch and blade switches connect servers, storage and networks in the world's largest enterprises. Proven and interoperable, Unified Fabric Architecture is BLADE's solution for converged Ethernet and virtualization-aware networking for cloud computing, Web 2.0, financial services and other HPC applications. Visit: Twitter: @BLADENetwork

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