February 27, 2007 12:00 ET Empowers Artists and Consumers

Site Offers Better Option for Digital Downloads

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 -- ( is the ultimate tool of empowerment for the recording artist; a way to eliminate the middle man and put the control of sales and distribution where they belong -- in the hands of the artists themselves.'s 25-year-old founder, Chris Fellure, launched the site in October of 2006 and has already signed artists representing more than 75 different genres, from Ambient to Zydeco.

"Artists used to tour to support record sales, which is where they made their money. Now, artists are supposed to tour to support themselves, while record sales support the labels," states Fellure, a former venue owner, concert promoter and band manager. "We're enabling artists to sell music directly from their websites and fans can buy directly from their favorite artists."

This site is absolutely free to all customers and there is no charge for artists to join. To use's extraordinarily simple process, artists need only to log on, create a profile, and upload their music, placing the unique MusicBlaster player on their site. Digital downloads sell for only 99 cents a piece, with two-thirds of each sale generated going straight to the artist, immediately after a 30-day fund verification process. The customized MusicBlaster player offers consumers the opportunity to stream 30 seconds of a song and the option to purchase the individual track in the unprotected MP3 form, which means they can play on any brand digital player. Artists themselves can access their accounts in real time to see how many total tracks they've sold, the most popular downloads and the geographic location of those sales, helping to formulate their marketing and promotional plans.

Blastmymusic is also looking ahead, reaching out to record labels, both major and independent, to set up their own accounts, utilizing all the sales and demographic information the site generates. Currently, the site is being marketed through banner ads and an industry-affiliate program, paying a percentage of sales commissions to artists who bring in other members.

With bands around the world already attracted to the site, Fellure confidently presents his business-to-business model. "We want to be invisible to the consumer. We want the consumer to feel they're buying directly from the artist, while we handle all the customer support and transactions. The artists are our biggest marketing tool; the fans will be our major advertisement."

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