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April 17, 2012 07:30 ET

Blegalbloss Reinvents Century-Old File Storage Box for 21st Century Needs

First Securable Box Is HIPAA-, FACTA-Compliant, Nine Patents Pending

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - Apr 17, 2012) - The corrugated file storage box that everyone uses at home or work hasn't changed much in a century -- until now. The Blegalbloss line of corrugated boxes represents the first significant evolution of the ubiquitous corrugated box, which people use for storing and filing records, personal and business items.

Blegalbloss President and CEO Will Scott created the new line of boxes with security features designed to meet 21st century privacy demands. Scott spent the past two years developing and prototyping boxes to address failings he observed during about eight years as owner of a records storage company. He started Blegalbloss, to make and sell the boxes, one year ago.

Scott recalls noting the difficulties his banking and health care customers had, for example, keeping private records secure and safe while still accessible for need-to-know. He recalls watching people grapple with heavy boxes all day long -- in warehouses, his own drivers, office workers in high heels. "And I saw a lot of effort going into pushing ugly, falling-apart boxes out of sight under desks or into cabinets," he adds.

Scott set out to design boxes not for their content -- like the century-old boxes still in use -- but for the people and industries who use them. Along the way, he added functionality with corrugated accessories that enable people to organize their home and work lives any way they want.

What's different?
Scott started by replacing the oblong openings in traditional boxes with patent-pending openings, or grips, shaped to match the human hand. The ergonomic grips are cut at an angle and moved away from the center of the box sides to match people's natural center of gravity. With these improvements, the weight of the box is distributed more evenly, the box rests flat against the body instead of tilted at an angle, and it doesn't pull the body into an unhealthy, bent-forward posture.

Traditional boxes often break at the handles, creating a safety risk, undermining their functionality and making them unsightly. Scott created the first rip-resistant grip, deepening the lid and cutting the opening through both box and lid. That significantly increases strength and durability as well as virtually eliminates the primary reason boxes fall apart.

Next to the grip, Scott cut a second, smaller hole. A thin securable cable is inserted through both openings, fastening lid to box and making Blegalbloss the first tamper-resistant file storage box. A hidden, under-the-lid area allows for confidential labeling of box contents. "Ours are the most HIPAA- and FACTA-compliant boxes available," says Scott.

Scott's line of corrugated accessories consists of modular caddies that can be used anywhere in office or home but also fit inside all standard-sized file-storage boxes. His "Roo" and "Big Roo" caddies are designed to hold folders and files, and eliminate the need for metal hanging files. "I've always hated metal hanging files," he says. "They're awkward and ugly, bend out of shape, and papers and folders fall out of them all the time." Another caddie, the Domino, comes in two sizes and offers a more closed design to hold paper clips, pens, DVDs -- any supplies or personal items.

Nine patents pending
With nine patents pending, Scott already has sold hundreds of thousands of Blegalbloss products in test mode in the U.S. and Canada. He expects to be in at least five countries by year-end and to achieve eight-figure revenues within 18-24 months. The growth projections are supported by the facts that the company has no debt, is already profitable, has as manufacturing partner the sixth largest U.S. paper and packaging company, and Blegalbloss boxes retail at the same prices as traditional boxes.

All Blegalbloss products are 100% recyclable.

Manufacturing partner and distributors
Current distributors are Solo Products in the U.S., and Netgain SEO in Canada. "We're talking with a dozen or so overseas distributors," says Scott. "It's a worldwide opportunity -- everyone uses boxes." The minimum commitment per distributor is three million units annually. Pratt Industries, which has 22 U.S. locations, is the first manufacturing partner.

Consumers can buy the boxes online at, and eventually at major retailers and office-supply stores both online and in stores.

About Blegalbloss L.L.C.
Blegalbloss, a privately owned international company, has introduced a new system of corrugated boxes and other office products. Blegalbloss brings the first significant innovations in 100 years to the ubiquitous file-storage boxes used by consumers and businesses. Nine patents are pending for Blegalbloss innovations that include security features, ergonomic design and new functionality. The company also makes a corrugated product line for document destruction --collection and removal of confidential papers for document shredding or recycling, also with patent-pending innovations.

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