October 14, 2008 03:00 ET

Blending Real With Virtual: ICYou and Virtway Partners to Develop the Next Stage of Interactive City Technological Platform

SKOVDE, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - Oct. 14, 2008) - ICYou (www.icyou.se) entered into partnership with Virtway (www.virtway.com) on the 6th of October 2008 to develop the next stage of the Interactive City technological platform. Interactive city is the first virtual world that will support a real and virtual economy, offering business opportunities in both dimensions for various areas such as retailing, real estate or training. Residents will be able to design avatars that replicate their real-world measurements and features, allowing them to try on clothing and conduct business in a similar but more convenient and connected manner than offline.

"We are very excited to contribute to the development of Interactive City, the next generation virtual world" said Jose-Antonio Tejedor, the CEO of Virtway. "Interactive City will integrate our latest technological innovations to become not only the reference high-fidelity virtual world, but also to ensure seamless integration with real world and tangible commerce".

Virtway has developed virtual worlds for a wide range of applications going from historical cities reproduction to immersive training environment and virtual theaters. What all those worlds have in common is to enable the users to retrieve the benefits of their virtual experience in the real world. From all those developments, Virtway has developed unique know-hows and proprietary technologies that will be leveraged into Interactive City.

"We will offer users and businesses, a unique experience in which the frontier between online and offline world is fading" said Lars-Erik Ottenvall, CEO of ICYou. "With the rich expertise of Virtway in building high quality virtual worlds, we are taking one step forward in making Interactive City the only place where virtual activities of users turn into real value.

About ICYou AB:

ICYou AB is a Sweden-based company. It was formed during the summer of 2007 by entrepreneur Fredrik Nilsson.

The business idea is essentially a global media and marketing concept that is conceived out of the growing need for individuals to meet and socialize with others in so-called virtual communities, coupled with businesses' needs to find novel, effective marketing channels in order to reach this new and fast-growing market segment.

ICYou's virtual world, Interactive City, is based on advanced computer game technology and will through its unique interactivity and high-grade pictorial details offer opportunities to build trademarks, advertise, sell products and offer services - in a way that has never been done before! It will be a mirror of reality with its citizens, communications, educational institutions, rules and laws, entertainment, means of socializing, businesses, authorities and free market economy.

About Virtway:

Virtway creates Virtual Solutions, and 3D Immersive Simulations that enable users to anticipate real situation, practice life-like activities and enjoy themselves in a safe virtual environment. Its philosophy is to put people and interactivity at the center of its creation, while offering cutting-edge graphical quality.

Virtway is leveraging Next Gen Video Games technologies and advanced software and hardware, and has also developed its proprietary technologies to achieved the results not available from commercial products. The results of those innovations is a development platform called VTS that is broadly used in Virtway products.

Virtway is a unit of Indigo group, an Information Technology group based in Oviedo, Spain, that has developed more than 130 3D simulation, web application and mobile telephone solution projects.

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