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June 17, 2014 08:30 ET

Blessed Herbs Introduces Cognitia, a Multi-Action Formula for Memory, Focus and Cognitive Power

SUNRISE, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2014) -  Blessed Herbs™, a leader in premium herbal solutions, has launched a new product designed to support overall brain health and function. Research indicates that more than 60% of Americans are concerned about their brain health; and not just the aging population, but also younger people who want to ensure that they are performing at their best in college, at work and even at play. Blessed Herbs Cognitia™ was formulated to promote memory, focus and the brain's ability to think, understand and reason.*

"Optimal cognitive function is a critical part of a person's overall health, and is essential to their ability to live a happy and purposeful life," said Dr. James Sullivan, Naturopathic Physician and Master Herbalist at Blessed Herbs. "Studies confirm that the herbs we have included in Cognitia can help maintain mental clarity, recall and cognitive function."

Cognitia™ includes a carefully selected combination of clinically-studied herbs that help protect brain health in four important ways:

  • Supporting healthy circulation to the brain*
  • Promoting healthy response to inflammation in the brain*
  • Helping defend against internal and environmental stressors that may impair cognitive performance
  • Promoting healthy mood.*

Cognitia includes well-studied herbal ingredients like Bacopa, Ginkgo Biloba and Gotu Kola, often called "brain tonic" and the "Elixir of Life," to support memory and focus. Sage, Grape Seed and Rosemary provide powerful antioxidant support to maintain overall brain health. Turmeric, Ashwaganda and the tropical legume Mucuna promote healthy cerebral function, defend against inflammation and support mental well-being.*

By working with the body's natural processes to support the functions that impact brain health, Cognitia can help you stay sharp and focused.*

About Blessed Herbs

Blessed Herbs was founded in 1985 by herbalists seeking to share their natural path to better health with the world. Today, Blessed Herbs bridges the gap between science and natural medicine with their line of herbal supplements and detoxifying cleanses such as The Colon Cleansing Kit™ and The Internal Cleansing Kit™. From digestive health products to a new line of Natural Menopause Support remedies, the Florida-based Blessed Herbs brand uses only pure, carefully selected, potent and safe ingredients to provide much needed relief and guidance down the path to restorative, natural health solutions. For more information on the NEW Joint Relief herbal remedy as well as other all-natural Blessed Herbs formulas to help you find your way, naturally visit or call 800-489-4372.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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