September 21, 2010 05:00 ET

Blind Woman Plays Bingo

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 21, 2010) - A woman has continued to play bingo despite losing her sight after a stroke. The woman's sight slowly began to disappear, but not before the die-hard bingo player memorised all the positions of the numbers on the cards.

A woman who recently lost her sight is continuing to play bingo. Her son first noticed her sight problem one night when visiting her while she was playing a bingo game. A news agent described the scenario as follows: "On the next card he noticed she was covering up the wrong numbers. He didn't say anything to begin with and only did at the same moment she called bingo. He thought it was an embarrassing mistake until the call was deemed to be correct and his mother explained; 'Oh, I forgot to turn it over. I was playing the card on the other side.'

It is a widely known fact that many bingo halls and clubs go the extra mile to accommodate their players. An example of this is when a woman at a bingo hall in Loughborough had her games enlarged to be A4 size so she could still follow the game.

A news agent said that bingo clubs' willingness to provide support for a wide range of disabled players is a hallmark of the industry.  It is hoped that bingo halls and clubs will continue these efforts and eventually appeal to a wider group of people with disabilities but who would love to play the enjoyable pastime.

A recent article in the Forres Gazette claimed that the Internet has revolutionised the way bingo is played. Hopefully the online version will also provide a few modifications for visually impaired players, like an option to able to view a full screen-sized ticket.           

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