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February 02, 2015 09:15 ET

Blink Technologies, Inc. Announces Oasis Secure Gaming Network

Peer-to-Peer Without the Fear

EAST LANSING, MI--(Marketwired - Feb 2, 2015) - In conjunction with development partner Newbound, Inc., Blink Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: PUNK) announced today the Blink Oasis Secure Gaming Network™ aimed at players of sandbox-style, massively multi-player (MMO) games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Starbound, and Trove.

Sandbox games are wildly popular, and Minecraft, recently purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion USD, is one of the most successfully distributed and played games worldwide, with over 100 million registered players*. Sale of the PC/Mac version averages an astonishing 16,000 units per day. The demographics of the user base shows that approximately 43 percent of the players are under the age of 21, and 22 percent are under 15 years of age **.

Oasis is designed to guarantee a safe and secure gaming realm that both players and parents can appreciate and trust. The system is a "toaster simple" MMO game server management application that is easy to setup and operate, especially for sandbox game players.

"We made the decision to bring a robust and highly-secure gaming network management system to players of games like Minecraft," says Dean Miller, Blink's CEO. "Every player, from Noob to Hard Core Gamer, deserves a safe gaming environment and the ability to choose whom to play with. That's not always the case in the many realms of MMO games."

A troubling issue facing young and adolescent gamers is bullying and abuse by unwanted Trolls and so-called Griefers who enter a young player's Minecraft world under the guise of helping them build out and master their environment. What ultimately occurs is inexperienced players are preyed upon by these marauding interlopers resulting in countless hours of building and acquired resources being taken from many a heart-broken young gamer. This can be evidenced first-hand online by searching "Minecraft Rage." Here is a specific example from a YouTube video where a troll takes exceptional pleasure in the havoc he has wreaked on a young user, proudly boasting, "I decided to go hunting for a kid and destroy his only possessions, which would be his house, gatherings, etc. This will make you laugh a lot and I hope it certainly does so don't forget to slap that LIKE button and show me some love."

Blink's Oasis solution is a dashboard-driven application built with proprietary peer-to-peer technology that allows an OP to limit participating players to only those they have specifically invited. Griefers and Trolls beware! Players and parents rejoice! No more game crashers to wreak havoc. Installing the Oasis network does not compromise firewall secured home computing systems, and offers advanced security features allowing peer-to-peer interaction without the fear. Any and all information exchanged between players, including in-game chatting, is encrypted end-to-end. There's no metadata, no hackers, no trolls, no eavesdropping, no unwanted surveillance, no surprise visitors, and no ads.

The Blink Oasis Secure Gaming Network has a target introductory one-time price of $9.99 USD. "We priced Oasis as attractively as possible. This toaster simple solution is solid and robust, with many hours of development effort behind it, and could easily command more," said Miller. "We feel it's a win-win to provide a safe and more rewarding experience for young gamers around the world." Oasis will run on any platform that supports a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at version 1.6 or higher and is scheduled to be released late Q'1, 2015.

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