January 12, 2012 12:30 ET

Blog Advice Drives Consumer Electronics Purchasing for Nearly Three-Quarters of Online Women, Reports BlogHer Inc.

Peer Reviews and Building Online Awareness Create the Most Favorable Brand Impression, Along With Discounted Pricing

BELMONT, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 12, 2012) - BlogHer Inc., the premium cross-platform media network and publisher for women, today announced the results of the BlogHer Consumer Electronics Study. The study compares and contrasts a sample from the BlogHer community of 37 million women and a general population sample of online women in the U.S. Highlights from the study will be presented by BlogHer Co-founder Elisa Camahort Page at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 12, as part of the MommyTech Summit.

Women Look to Blogs Over Social Networks Before They Buy

Blogs trump social networks as a source for purchasing advice for all online women. 84% of the women in the BlogHer community report they made technology purchases based on blog advice versus only 56% relying on advice from social networks. A significant 69% of U.S. women online say they rely on blogs versus only 53% turning to social networks.

All women online said they use manufacturer websites regularly for information about products, but report the information on these sites have little influence on their final purchasing decisions.

"No one earns the trust of women online better than other women online, especially when you're talking about the devices she depends on to stay connected and productive," said Elisa Camahort Page, Co-founder and COO of BlogHer Inc. "The good news is that our Consumer Electronics Study provides insights into how best to resonate with women, and it's not on corporate sites, traditional or social."

Marketing to Women: What Works and What Doesn't
Women were asked which marketing approach creates the most favorable impression of a consumer electronics brand. The number one approach, selected by 52% of respondents, is to make sure the product is being marketed on "blogs, websites or forums" they already visit regularly. This response signals that having a noticeable presence on sites customers already frequent can be a key strategy for brands. Women are seeking recommendations from their online friends, not just brand messages, with women choosing reviews by bloggers as one of the three most favorable marketing approaches (28%).

When building awareness online, it's critical that brands consider the mobile experience, particularly for some demographic groups. Almost 60% of adults under the age of 50 use their mobile phones during the purchase process. Additionally, a large percentage of African Americans and Asians report having used their mobile devices when shopping for consumer electronic devices (70%), vs. 58% of Hispanic/Latinos and 45% of Caucasians.

As a group, most respondents identified themselves as "price-conscious" shoppers (47%), over "early adopter" (7%) or "leading edge" shoppers (23%), so offering discounts is understandably a top marketing approach, selected by almost half of women online. Price consciousness may also explain why Apple's iOS devices were the runaway choice of respondents when asked which device they would want if a "gadget genie" could give them any product for free.

With the consumer electronics market now reaching $186 billion in the U.S., and women influencing $90 billion-worth of those purchases (Consumer Electronics Association, 2007), the BlogHer Consumer Electronics Study reveals the widespread impact of blogs, social networks, and mobile phone usage on the consumer electronics marketplace, representing a call to action for brands and retailers alike.

About the Survey
The BlogHer Consumer Electronics Study was conducted using the following methodology:

  • BlogHer Inc. fielded a survey across two populations: U.S. online general population in 7 markets and 37 million BlogHer network users. The total sample size was 1,306 with a total of 1,007 women and 299 men across the United States.
  • The margin of error is 2.62% with a confidence level of 99%.
  • All portions of the study were conducted in December 2011.

Highlights from the survey findings can be found here:

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