SOURCE: Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

September 25, 2014 03:50 ET

Blogger Leah Selakovic Announces Launch of a New Designer Blog

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2014) - Expert blogger Leah Selakovic is at it again with a brand new blog showcasing designer fashion. The Singapore-based fashionista has a passion for the art of labels and can't wait to share it with blog readers around the world. In Milan, fashion week has just concluded. The typically shocking designs, which are common, were considerably played down to include more styles in touch with reality this year. High end, power designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani and House of Versace showcased more versatile styles while throwing in a surprising piece here and there. If you are wondering how the fashion world will accept this step out of the ordinary, look no further to Selakovic's new blog

A lover of modern yet timeless pieces, Leah stays on top of current trends and is always on the pulse of fashion. With a love of classic labels such as Chanel, Lanvin and Celine, she expertly blogs on the topics that every fashionista wants to know. Up and coming designers will no doubt be featured here before they are even on the radar of most fashion lovers; although, veteran designers in the fashion world will also hold a prominent place in her blog. More than just a fashion advice blog, Leah's blog will combine her acquired knowledge of art along with ways that the everyday woman can incorporate it into their own personal style. Everyone from high-end designer clientele to the middle-class thrifty shopper can gain an insight into the current fashions and how they can keep their wardrobes fresh.

Leah Selakovic's love of art led her to the appreciation of fashion labels. She understands the power that fashion can have, not only on an individual's wardrobe, but also on the world. While she appreciates modern fashions, she also understands the value of timeless pieces, which she incorporates into her wardrobe. Proud of her wardrobe, Leah considers her unique style to be a combination of rich patterns and unusual colors. Because of this passion, she has decided to share her knowledge through her designer blog. There is nothing better than someone who shares their knowledge on a topic that they are passionate about, with the sole purpose of providing inspiration to others. In this regard, Leah delivers time and time again.

Born in Yugoslavia, Leah Selakovic has traveled around the world, bringing her entrepreneur essence along for the ride. With a Master's Degree in Art and Classical History, she has parlayed her knowledge into myriad business opportunities along with her husband, David. Together, their IT company has cornered the market in Asia where they now live. Since having children, Leah has found a new passion for writing children's literature and continues writing more books. Not only entrepreneurs, Leah and David are true humanitarians who devote their time to supporting various charities including archaeological societies and music-based foundations. These days their family splits their time between Singapore, London, and Geneva.

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