SOURCE: Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

November 05, 2014 04:46 ET

Blogger Leah Selakovic Empowers Women to Use Social Media for Worldwide Networking

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2014) - Acclaimed arts, fashion, and women's equality blogger Leah Selakovic has made efforts to do her part in continuing to keep up the inspiration and energy of today's ongoing challenge to empower women across the globe. Social media continues to amaze with its ability to transmit a message to millions in just a matter of days and to inspire people to step up, take action and be part of changing the world. The recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which went viral on Facebook within a matter of days, raised over $100 million donated by more than three million participants, all in less than a month. Prior to this social media stunt, in 2013, the ALS Association received $30 million during the entire year. Marveling at the incredible opportunities social media opens up, Leah has been looking into ways to utilize those platforms to foster networking between women coming from different countries and backgrounds.

"Information is power," says Leah Selakovic, "and with unlimited information available through technology, women have the ability to empower themselves. Through unhindered access to information, informal, decentralized educational opportunities, and crowd-sourced intelligence, women of all ages can begin to crack through the centuries of repression and systematic devaluation that has been a widespread injustice for centuries."

One of the technological tools that is especially helpful in bringing Internet users with similar interests together is Twitter with its "hashtag" function, which helps pull together disparate threads to raise wider awareness of an issue. Hashtag activism is the use of twitter hashtags -- short tags that organize individual tweets from around the world into one page -- to spread awareness. "There are already some widespread women's empowerment hashtags out there," explains Leah. Some of the most widespread hashtags include #leanin (support and inspiration to help women meet their professional goals); #changetheratio (bringing awareness to male-heavy industry events and professional lists); #ImaGirl (a campaign launched by New York City to help girls with body issues); and #womenshould (bringing to light the prevalence of negative stereotypes as typified by Google auto-complete). "I want to build on that idea," reveals Leah, "and I am planning on establishing some hashtags myself, based on the feedback I am getting from my female blog readers."

Selakovic explains further, "The ability to gather worldwide conversations into one thread, combined with the open-access aspect of Twitter makes hashtag activism a powerful tool for raising awareness. One powerful example is the Twitter feed developed by the United Nations called MAMA [@mamaglobal], which provides information to pregnant women and new mothers in Africa so they can make better-informed, more scientifically-based decisions about their health rather than rely on old superstitions or detrimental traditions. In this way, society-wide repression and enforced ignorance may be overcome."

A native of the former republic of Yugoslavia, Leah Selakovic earned a master's degree in Art and Classical History, in addition to exploring the worlds of information technology, alternative medicine, and literature, guided by her myriad skills and interests. Her primary residence today is in Singapore with her husband, David Selakovic, and their two children. While her family and hobbies take up much of her time, she is always looking for ways to give back to society by supporting numerous charitable organizations, including several that focus on young talented artists, medical students, and scientists.

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