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December 19, 2012 09:00 ET

Bloomfire Launches Knowledge Sharing On the Go With iOS App for iPhone and iPad

Workforces Can Now Tap Into Tribal Knowledge From Mobile Devices

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Dec 19, 2012) - Bloomfire, the company that is revolutionizing knowledge sharing in business, today announced the launch of the Bloomfire iOS App for iPhone and iPad. The announcement and introduction to the App Store rounds off an exciting year of forward momentum and growth for the company, including the announcement of a $10M Series A financing from Austin Ventures and Redpoint Ventures, relocation of the company to Austin, substantial enhancements to the application and the addition of nearly 200 companies and organizations to the Bloomfire paid customer roster in 2012 alone.

As the content management, social enterprise, cloud file sharing and learning management markets continue to converge, the new Bloomfire app builds upon the ability to rapidly access expertise and stored knowledge within a company no matter the location or time -- mission critical activities that allow for companies to capitalize on a more informal and "of-the-moment" learning exchange. The Bloomfire app on iPhone and iPad enables mobile and distributed workers to create and post multimedia content, ask questions and generate collectively derived answers, discuss topics in open communities, find and interact with colleagues and experts within the community, and flex the wisdom needed to learn new skills and get the job done.

"Knowledge sharing doesn't just happen in the office between 8 am and 5 pm anymore," said Craig Malloy, CEO and co-founder of Bloomfire. "It is necessary for businesses to adapt to the fundamental ways in which employees live and operate, which is on-the-go via their mobile phones and tablets. The Bloomfire app reinforces a company culture that inspires and maintains a plugged-in and engaged distributed workforce, one that feeds knowledge and learning back to the team in real-time, no matter their physical location."

Key capabilities of the Bloomfire iOS App include:

In-the-Moment Contributions

  • Snap a picture, screenshot, or record a video using the camera on a mobile device, choose a previously saved photo or video from the Camera Roll, create a text post, or ask a question and immediately share with a Bloomfire community.

  • Use tags, categories, a headline and a short description to provide context around the content being shared with the community. Context helps other users quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Access Knowledge Anytime, Anywhere

  • Search and browse posted content. View any content type -- images, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, documents, or web links.

  • Quickly find information by searching previously asked and answered questions or comments across any Bloomfire community by simply toggling between communities.

  • View statistics about contributions and contributors, such as when the contribution was made, the best answer to a question, who else has viewed the contribution and how active the contributor is within the community. This provides a complete picture of the knowledge base within the community.

  • Browse contributions on the homepage using filters, such as featured content, categories, tags, most recent and popular, and sort by contribution type (post, questions, series) to gain knowledge on something new.

Community Building

  • Ask and answer questions to support other users in the community by text, or more illustratively, snap a picture, record a video, or choose from existing content in the Camera Roll.

  • Easily share contributions found within the community with others via email.

  • View profiles of other users in the community to see contributions they have made and choose to follow them and be notified of any future contributions.

"The modern workforce is more distributed and mobile than ever before. Our real estate agents expect to find the latest information, knowledge and experts when and where the need arises and without limitations," said Doris Bruneder, product technology manager, RE/MAX Europe. "They expect to have the same web current mobile and social experience as their best-in-class personal apps. The Bloomfire app gives sales professionals the perfect way to tap into an advanced social, sharing and learning system with powerful capabilities."

"Most importantly, Bloomfire is incredibly easy to use," said Graeme Canivet, director of technology, RE/MAX Europe. "The quality of knowledge that can be shared across our organization is a direct result of the intuitive ease of the Bloomfire app. Ultimately, it will help us change the way real estate is sold in Europe."

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