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December 11, 2012 09:00 ET

Blue Box Releases "Blocks Load Balancing" Version 2.0

New Application Load Balancing Solution Enables Customers to Cost Effectively Scale Critical, High Performance Applications

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Dec 11, 2012) -  Blue Box, a leading cloud hosting and managed services company, today announced it has released version 2.0 of its Blocks Load Balancing (BLB) solution. Blocks Load Balancing provides an on-demand, highly available load balancing solution that scales with a customer's application. A cornerstone of a Blue Box cluster, load balancing allows for the rapid and transparent growth of a cluster to handle additional traffic, without having to implement disruptive domain name system (DNS) changes or move services around. Version 2.0 of the BLB radically improves the performance of the company's load balancing solution, enabling customers to dynamically scale their application cluster, providing high performance at a significantly lower price point.

"Secure sockets layer (SSL) termination is a critical requirement for the majority of today's web applications. However, because SSL is so CPU intensive, companies tend to over-invest and over-provision their application clusters, causing needless inefficiencies," says Jesse Proudman, CEO of Blue Box. "Blue Box's BLB version 2.0 represents a major advance in load balancing that will provide our customers with the flexibility they require when it comes to scaling their application so they can invest more resources in their application development lifecycle and less in the supporting infrastructure. Best of all, BLB version 2.0 drives down costs and as a shared service is available to all Blue Box customers."

BLB version 2.0 is a custom-built solution that leverages open source technologies, incorporates feedback from Blue Box's growing community of users, and provides an API and a scheduled future release GUI-based interface in a cloud environment, which Blue Box estimates will meet the requirements for more than 90% of users. Benefits of BLB version 2.0 include:

  • Improved performance by up to 4,800%. A single BLB version 2.0 service peaks out at 8,800 SSL requests per second; greatly increasing the performance of interactive applications over SSL -- especially those leveraging AJAX;
  • Full support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) facilitates backend scalability. This enables legacy applications to work on the next generation IPv6 internet;
  • Simplified configuration for 90% of customer use cases while maintaining flexibility for existing advanced configurations;
  • Streamlined cluster setup supports Server Name Indication (SNI -- or essentially HTTPS named-based virtual hosting) resulting in the conservation of valuable IPs and eliminating the need to deploy multiple services for multiple SSL certificates. This helps to keep cost down for applications that need to use multiple SSL certificates. With BLB version 2.0, a single load balanced service can act as the frontend for many e-commerce sites that require separate SSL certificates;
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) - BLB version 2.0 simplifies adding HSTS support to applications and helps keep your application compliant with this new security standard.

To learn more about Blue Box's Blocks Load Balancing version 2.0, please visit or call 1-800-613-4305.

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