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Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

April 11, 2011 07:45 ET

Blue Coat Adds Norwegian Language Module to WebPulse Real-Time Ratings Service

WebPulse Service Categorizes Industry-Leading Number of Languages in Real Time and Provides Immediate Updates to 75 Million Users

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 11, 2011) - Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCSI), a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions, today announced that it has added a Norwegian language module to the cloud-based Blue Coat® WebPulse™ service, a collaborative community that unites 75 million users in a common defense against Web-based threats. The addition of the new module provides real-time analysis of new and uncategorized Norwegian Web content and provides the WebPulse service with greater visibility into the Web ecosystem for more comprehensive protection from dynamic, Web-based threats.

The Blue Coat WebPulse service leads the industry with support for real-time categorization of Web content in 18 languages. In addition to its real-time language support, the WebPulse service also has ratings for 50 languages in its database. With 75 million users worldwide providing real-time requests into the WebPulse service, Blue Coat provides a more comprehensive view into the Web ecosystem than any single organization could gain on its own. This depth of language recognition and user diversity provides WebPulse with a detailed picture of typical Web traffic and makes it easier to identify abnormal traffic. The cumulative intelligence gained from more than six years of traffic analysis makes it more difficult for cybercrime to hide malware networks.

"Trying to keep pace with the dynamic, international nature of malware is a losing game for businesses that rely on traditional security utilizing static databases," said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer and senior vice president at Blue Coat Systems. "The support for real-time language ratings gives WebPulse a more holistic view of the Web and the visibility to identify and block multi-lingual malware attacks."

The Blue Coat WebPulse service provides real-time Web intelligence by uniting 75 million users worldwide. Real-time requests are dynamically analyzed by WebPulse and then categorized, enabling organizations to immediately begin enforcing policies for that class of Web content. Additionally, the real-time analysis also provides protection against new or evolving malware threats as the discovery of malware by one user immediately protects all users within the WebPulse community.

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