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Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc.

June 15, 2016 09:25 ET

Blue Diamond Ventures Leverages Acquisitions for New Revenue

Community Solar - Hemp Flavored Vodka - Cannabis Clean - Blue-Bio/Agrihit

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Jun 15, 2016) - Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. (OTC PINK: BLDV) -- Joshua Brainin Alper, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc., just took control of Blue Diamond in mid-March of this year and has already executed a strategic reorganization plan in an effort to optimize the company's most recent acquisitions for definable projects and revenues.

"I have completed the review and restructure of all of the company's efforts and involvements," Mr. Alper stated, "and we have specific business plans for both Blue Diamond Consulting LLC and United Sustainable Technologies LLC, the two wholly owned subsidiaries of BLDV.

"Today we generate about 20% of our revenue in the Cannabis Industry, plus an additional 40% in Project/Construction Management, and 40% in the Alternative Energy Sector," said Alper. "By the end of 2017 we expect the core mix to be 50% Cannabis and 50% Alternative Energy Projects."

Blue Diamond Consulting announces a 36 month 20 MW Shared Solar Initiative, in Western New York, with Buffalo, NY acting as the center of operations. The initiative will be comprised of a number of projects across Western NY, with no single project being larger than 5 MW. The initiative is a collaboration between, an approved solar contractor in NY State, 510 Nano LLC, a Solar Engineering and Technology Provider, Blue Diamond Consulting LLC, with the Pyramid Brokerage Group acting as the exclusive real estate partner for site acquisition and leasing.

  • Community Shared Energy Initiative - 3-Year - $50 Million - 20 MW of Shared Solar Projects

The overall expected budget is $50 Million of project cost over the 36-month plan. "This gives us multiple construction seasons and economies of scale that will drive the profitability of the project," said Jonathan B. Alper, Principle and Manager of Blue Diamond Consulting. "We expect there to be approximately seven separate projects. This allows us the time to define the financial incentives and review new solar technologies that may reduce both cost and required land footprint; too often these projects are designed on less than reasonable schedules, and in the end that compromises the overall quality and profitability achieved." Blue Diamond Consulting will receive an estimated $1.2 Million in fees over the 3-year project.

Jonathan B. Alper is a Landscape Architect with over 30 years' experience in Land Planning, Site Planning, Development on Leased Land, Municipal Zoning and Compliance. Joshua B. Alper has 30 years' experience in Project Management with the last 5 years' emphasis on Energy Sector and Energy Services Contracting. This Shared Solar Initiative draws on the existing strengths of Blue Diamond Consulting LLC and its well-known Suite of Services to the Energy & Cannabis Industries.

Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. has an existing JV effort in the Solar space with YES-Solar, designed to provide solar solutions to cannabis growers in Colorado and other states, this effort is still in place but has yet to yield results.

Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. additional updates:

1) Now-Brands, LLC - (40% Owned by Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc.)

Producers of Olde Imperial Mystic Hemp Flavored Vodka.

Now- Brands has received its formula and label approvals from the TTB. The company via its contract distiller has begun the production process and has appointed Forum Brands, LLC as its New York State Distributor. Forum Brands has registered the brand in New York for sales and distribution to begin in July 2016.

2) Cannabis Clean, LLC - (20% Owned by Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc.)

Providers of Cannabis based cleaning and Special Grow Room Treatments.

Cannabis Clean is having its best month of sales ever and continues to expand with new projects, formulations, and equipment. Steve McMorrow, President of Cannabis Clean, has continued to work with Blue Diamond Consulting to raise capital, define the company's offerings and explore national expansion.

3) Florida Formulations LLC - Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. has signed an MOU with Dan Nicholson of Satellite Beach, Florida, to form Florida Formulations, LLC., a processing and bottling plant for the 100% Plant Based Cleaners & Disinfectants sold by United Sustainable Technologies LLC under the Blue Diamond Brands - BLUE BIO & BIG BLUE as well as the AgriHit Plant Tonic Products, including the new SEED SOAKER line that were released at the recent show in Orlando. United Sustainable Technologies will remain as the distributor of the Toronto-based manufacturer of all of these Nano-Technology Products.

Mr. Nicholson will be an equity owner in the new venture as well as the Manager of the new LLC. "This will be the master formulation facility for all of Green Earth Nano Science Inc. products in the USA," remarked Josh Alper, CEO-BLDV. "These products have application in multiple sectors. Cannabis is a good place to start due to the emphasis on testing and compliance now moving into major markets; in the long run, any business looking to decrease exposure for workers and still maintain high cleaning & anti-microbial standards is a potential customer."

4) Work continues on strategic partnerships - airPHX, California Light Works, JuJu Joints, and Better Air, as well as smaller projects with multiple consulting clients.

In other news, BLDV announces that the "limited chill" placed on the company's electronic trading of common stock has been lifted. Blue Diamond has received confirmation from the DTCC as of June 7th, 2016. 

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