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August 03, 2015 09:45 ET

Blue Diamond Ventures Poised for Strong Revenue Growth as Company Completes Major Sales Agreements and Streamlines Operations and Management Soon to Be Disclosed in Its Annual Report to OTC Markets

Company Announces Landmark Sales Agreement With True Leaf, LLC and Sale of 13,000 Square Foot Warehouse Building by Wholly Owned Subsidiary Kickin Grass LLP

PLANO, TX--(Marketwired - Aug 3, 2015) - In an effort to increase revenues and position itself for unprecedented growth, Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. (OTC: BLDV), has taken major steps to streamline its operations and has entered into a sales and distribution agreement with True Leaf, LLC., a leading manufacturer and supplier of seeds in the United States. The company will provide details of these measures, along with the finalization of the sale of a 13,000 square foot warehouse in Utah by its subsidiary Kickin Grass, LLP in its Annual Report to OTC Markets.

"The company is committed to increasing our revenues, improving our balance sheet and expanding our margins as part of our corporate Ecosystem operational and expansion model," said Blue Diamond CEO Cleve Tsai. We will continue to take strategic actions to drive revenue growth and streamline operations.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. wholly owned subsidiary "Kickin' Grass LLP" operates as a holding company buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate in Utah to agricultural-related companies. Kickin' Grass LLP previously owned and leased a 13,000 (thirteen thousand) square foot commercial warehouse building in Springville, Utah 84663, which recently sold. The proceeds from this sale will be noted in the company's annual report.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. announces it has entered into Sales and Distribution Agreement with True Leaf LLC, a leading manufacturer and supplier of seeds in the United States. True Leaf LLC conducts its business under the trade name Mountain Valley Seeds. Mountain Valley Seed, Inc. has been in the wholesale seed business since 1974, offering Premium Quality Seeds. Under a limited sales and distribution agreement, Blue Diamond will be afforded the opportunity to expand True Leaf LLC's market. Through Blue Diamond's corporate ECOSYSTEM operational model, the company will seek to open additional channels of distribution for True Leaf LLC's products and services resulting in Blue Diamond Ventures receiving commissions for the sales of products and services closed by the company. Blue Diamond under the terms of the agreement will also receive residual commissions for the sales of products and services made by True Leaf LLC to customers supplied by Blue Diamond Ventures.

Mountain Valley Seed market seeds to both professional growers and to the retail market. The company has signed the Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG) Safe Seed Pledge. The idea of inserting bacteria which is poisonous to insects into a plant that we eat is of obvious concern and, while we are impressed with the technology, we believe that people have the right to know what is in the food they eat. Until more research, crop protections and clear labeling are created we have chosen not to participate in this part of the market. Visit Mountain Valley Seed on their website:

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. via a Board of Directors approved corporate resolution has perpetrated the following actions in order to streamline operational control and management of its business operations in an effort to control cost and improve overall efficiency.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc., CEO Mr. Cleve Tsai, informs shareholders that he has accepted an annual salary of $1.00 a year payable on the 31st of December of each year. Mr. Tsai will accept a modest salary in the future when the company recognizes significant profits and will report to shareholders when this action has been implemented.

Mr. Tsai also informs shareholders that former CEO John (Quincey) Moaning has committed to utilize a significant portion of his Blue Diamond Ventures holdings to assist the company in its goal of acquiring companies that will help build significant value. As an affiliate, Mr. Moaning is limited to selling only 1% his holdings per quarter based on the Outstanding Share count at the time of his sales.

The company hopes both of these actions will be viewed by shareholders of the company's commitment to utilize its available resources in ways that are non-dilutive to the market place. As will be noted in our most recent filing of the company's annual report, Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is committed to not engaging in any toxic financing and has no convertible debentures, 504's or any other toxic financing measures in place.

In July 2015, The Board of Directors of Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. the parent company of Green Growth Holdings, Inc., approved a corporate resolution to transfer from Green Growth Holdings, Inc. all of its assets to include wholly owned subsidiaries, sales/ license distribution agreements into Blue Diamond. This corporate action in effect makes Green Growth no longer a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. Green Growth Holdings, Inc. will now operate as a private company under an incubator model of operation and Green Growth Holdings, Inc. will retain all of its liabilities and debt. As a private company operating under an incubator model, Green Growth Holdings, Inc. should remain as a vital resource for Blue Diamond Ventures.

As per the Board of Directors approved corporate resolution, Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. transferred Green Growth Holdings, Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary Clean 1st LLC a leading manufacturer /packager of Nano-surface cleaning technologies along with other cleaning, disinfecting and odor reducing solutions that are marketed for sale within the agriculture industry as well as other vertical markets to Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc.

Clean 1st LLC currently markets several products under the brand names: Cannabis-Clean, Grow Clean and a deodorizer product that is in the process of being rebranded. You can learn more about Clean 1st LLC by visiting their website:

In addition Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. has also transferred from Green Growth Holdings, Inc. into Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. it's wholly owned subsidiary Kickin Grass LLP and has accepted and owns the Sales and Distribution Agreement with True Leaf LLC.

In other news: Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. has launched its corporate social media sites to include a Facebook page and Twitter account. BLDV will utilize these media outlets from time to time, in compliance with SEC Regulation Fair Disclosure (Regulation FD) to provide updates and information to the general public. Shareholders may view more information and gain access to BLDV news Social Media accounts by visiting our website:

The company has received several shareholder inquiries concerning the purchase of company stock electronically from TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade's policy related to the purchase of BLDV stock is not to accept online orders. Any person wishing to purchase shares through TD will need to call their broker at TD to place their order. They should ask their broker to wave the brokerage fee and to be charged the online fee, since online purchases are not currently available. BLDV is DTC eligible.

Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. is in negotiations with several companies that operate within varying segments of the agriculture industry to include: Urban /Vertical Farming, Ancillary Products and Services for Cultivators of Food, Medicinal and Industrial Crops to include Medical Marijuana and Hemp (in States, Countries and Regions where Legal) and with other "Green" product producers to be acquired as wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures or with license and distribution agreements.

As we expect to close more deals in the near future, Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. will provide updates to the market place when appropriate.

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