Blue Gold Beverages, Inc.

September 07, 2010 09:35 ET

Blue Gold Beverages, Inc.: Announcement

HOUSTON, TEXAS--(Marketwire - Sept. 7, 2010) - Blue Gold Beverages, Inc. (PINK SHEETS:HHEL) is well on its way to becoming the leading producer of high-end private label beverages in North America. Blue Gold Beverages is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality private label beverages (bottled water, wine coolers, all natural cola's, teas and energy drinks), at affordable prices. 

In the beverage industry, beverage packaging is the first thing that most consumers will see. Package design can set brands apart from the competition; Blue Gold Beverages customer service helps clients develop the perfect packaging for their products by providing numerous options including diverse bottle shapes and sizes, complete label designs and colorful unique packaging.

Blue Gold Beverages is continuously looking to expand its business by creating partnerships with large food and beverage distribution companies and retail chains, allowing for our products to reach larger segments of the consumer and corporate markets.

The private label beverage market:

The market for private label beverages in The United States for 2009 grew to nearly 18 billion dollars, as private label products win the hearts, minds and shopping carts of consumers away from their old brand favorites

The bottled water market:

The North American Bottled water's market's value is $11.7 billion, according to International Bottled Water Association figures. Increasing interest among consumers in health and fitness is one of the key driving factors for the growth in bottled water industry, along with ongoing environmental concerns about the quality and safety of local supplies.

Taste, portability and convenience are also major consumption drivers, especially in the single-serve category. As the category grows, increases in private label water will continue to take larger percentages of the market share with innovations in product, package design, and branding.

Negative carbon footprint:

Blue Gold Beverages is continuing its goal of achieving a negative carbon impact, by offsetting the plastics and other raw materials used in its products by aggressively seeking new recycling projects across North America.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Blue Gold Beverages is a leading producer of high end private label beverages in North America. The company is also on a mission 100% environmentally friendly and is actively pursuing all options to attain this very important mission.


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