Blue Line Innovations

Blue Line Innovations

April 22, 2008 15:55 ET

Blue Line Innovations/Give the Earth a Break: Using Electricity Monitors Helps North Americans Reduce CO2 Emissions

OTTAWA, ONTARIO and ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - It's a proven fact. If homeowners have direct feedback, like the kind provided by the PowerCost Monitor, that shows them what their house is spending on electricity - they start conserving immediately. And those savings can up - dramatically.

Today is Earth Day, and to recognize that fact, the folks at Blue Line Innovations, makers of the PowerCost Monitor, did some calculations on the reductions in CO2 emissions that their customers could achieve.

For example, 60,000 PowerCost Monitor users in North America save on average 15% on their energy usage per month for one year. That would reduce CO2 emissions by about 9.2 million lbs of CO2. Or, it's the equivalent of taking 10,964 cars off the road!

Taking it a step further, if just ten percent of Americans and Canadians used a PowerCost Monitor, the reduction in energy consumption as a result of their conservation efforts would be the equivalent of removing two million vehicles from the road. Now that's progress!

"When people have direct feedback on their energy consumption, they take action to conserve. The multiplier effect of even a small portion of the population saving energy adds up very quickly. We think it's important to point that out on Earth Day", said Danny Tuff, CEO of Blue Line Innovations".

Last year, the PowerCost Monitor was awarded "Outstanding Energy Efficient Technology Deployment of the Year" by the US based Association for Energy Service Professionals (AESP). The Monitor was also a finalist in the Stars for Energy Efficiency - a program of The Alliance to Save Energy.

How it Works

The PowerCost Monitor™ attaches to the electricity meter on the outside of the home and it reads the meter. It then sends a signal to a small companion display unit, which can sit atop a counter or hang on the wall inside the home. The display unit shows the homeowner how much money is being spent on electricity from minute to minute and keeps a running total in dollars and cents. There are no wires used to connect the sensor unit to the display unit in the home.

About Blue Line Innovations

Blue Line Innovations Inc. is the world's leader in providing real-time energy feedback technologies for residential energy conservation programs. Blue Line's popular in-home display, the PowerCost Monitor™, is an energy conservation tool that displays in real-time, a home's electricity cost in dollars and cents and in kilowatt hours. Blue Line technology is the most widely deployed real time energy feedback device in the world. Given the global focus on energy conservation, Blue Line Innovations is well positioned to support individuals, utilities and governments in achieving their conservation goals.

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