March 07, 2006 08:13 ET

BlueArc Shatters Network Storage Performance Mark With Titan 2200 Storage System, Doubling Previous Record and Extending Lead

SPECsfs® System Benchmark Performance Extends Company's Significant Lead Over Competition, and Provides Linear Scalability in Clustered Configurations

SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2006 -- BlueArc Corporation, the world leader in network storage innovation, today announced that its Titan 2200 Storage System has achieved SPECsfs97_R1.v3® benchmark results doubling the company's world record for single and dual node system performance, and far exceeding those of any network storage solution on the market, utilizing a single namespace.

BlueArc's Titan 2200 storage system posted record results for single and dual file server configuration on the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) System File Server (sfs) test for network storage server performance. These results were generated utilizing a true market-ready configuration -- and delivered:

* Single server performance of 98,131 SPECsfs97_R1.v3 ops/sec, with an overall response time (ORT) of 2.34 ms. This result delivers 272% the performance seen in high-end system results from Network Appliance's FAS980*.

* Dual server performance of 195,502 SPECsfs97_R1.v3 ops/sec, with an overall response time (ORT) of 2.36 ms for a clustered server configuration. This result is 286% the performance seen from Network Appliance's FAS980c cluster, and 408% that of Network Appliance's FAS3050c cluster. These results display linear scalability in clustered configurations, showing performance impact of less than one half of one percent.

These results effectively double performance when compared to single and dual configurations of BlueArc's first-generation Titan storage system -- which achieved 50,858 SPECsfs ops/sec in November of 2004. BlueArc has held the highest position on SPECsfs for a single server for the duration, and has dramatically extended the lead today, with the Titan 2200.

"Since the company's inception, BlueArc has been known for delivering exceptional performance, and the results displayed in Titan 2200's SPECsfs benchmark testing are simply spectacular, beyond any other network storage system on the market," said founder and consulting analyst Arun Taneja of the Taneja Group. "What is even more extraordinary to me is that they were able to accomplish these impressive numbers without resorting to unsafe edge configurations that would be unacceptable to enterprise customers, commonly employed by vendors when publishing benchmark results. These are real data points that BlueArc customers can recognize, or possibly even exceed, in their own environment."

"BlueArc's Titan 2200 System fulfils the promise of network storage where so many others have tried and failed," said Steve Daheb, vice president of marketing for BlueArc. "BlueArc delivers storage without compromise to customers -- combining unprecedented performance capabilities, as evidenced by today's announced SPECsfs results, with leading capacity and simplicity of management. Customers can support multiple application environments with a single high performance system engineered for today's demanding enterprises."

In addition to the Titan 2200's unique product architecture, BlueArc achieved these impressive results in part due to partnerships with leading technology providers including the LSI Logic Engenio Storage Group and Force10 Networks. BlueArc's network storage offerings feature Engenio enterprise-class Fibre Channel and Serial ATA (SATA) controllers, available together in a single Titan storage system. Additionally, Force10 Networks provided high performance gigabit Ethernet switch routers, which gracefully handled the unprecedented performance demands required for the SPECsfs testing.

"LSI Logic is committed to delivering leading-edge storage technology for customers and partners," said Dave Mooney, general manager of worldwide OEMs, Storage Solutions Group, LSI Logic. "We are excited the Engenio technology is playing a key role in this new SPECsfs world record with BlueArc, and value the contribution that BlueArc is making in the areas of product innovation and developing cutting-edge solutions for customers."

"Setting a new performance standard for the SPEC file server test is a validation of the engineering innovation and capabilities Force10 and BlueArc have brought to the market," said Andrew Feldman, vice president of marketing for Force10. "With the need for ever-faster access to massive amounts of data, both BlueArc and Force10 Networks have designed and brought to market unique hardware architectures that achieve the highest levels of performance required in today's network and storage infrastructures."

The SPECsfs97_R1.v3 benchmark measures NFS file server throughput and response times. The benchmark is based on a standardized workload consisting of mixed NFS input/output operations. This workload is progressively increased, generating ever higher results until the server reaches its maximum capability.

* SPEC® and the benchmark name SPECsfs97_R1® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Competitive benchmark results stated above reflect results published on as of March 3, 2006. The comparison presented above is based on Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.'s benchmark that measures NFS file server throughput and response time. For the latest SPECsfs97_R1® benchmark results, visit

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