BlueCat Networks, Inc.

BlueCat Networks, Inc.

March 05, 2007 08:01 ET

BlueCat Networks Launches Version 2.0 of its Next Generation Proteus Enterprise IP Address Management Appliance

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 5, 2007) - BlueCat Networks, Inc. today announced the commercial availability of version 2.0 of its Proteus Enterprise IP Address Management (IPAM) Appliance, the only end-to-end IPAM solution optimized for both DNS and DHCP, and IPv4 and IPv6 multi-mode networks. Equipped with a firewall-grade operating system, a powerful Web-based management interface and robust database technology, Proteus provides centralized management and control of geographically dispersed networks with multiple configurations and millions of IP addresses.

Proteus 2.0 offers a multi-core architecture, built-in network discovery tools, migration templates, MAC pooling and full DNS and DHCP IPv6 support to make it easier than ever for network administrators to manage their networks, save time and lower costs. Proteus leverages the strengths of BlueCat Networks' award-winning Adonis DNS/DHCP appliance.

Next Generation IPAM Features

The following features are among the major enhancements included in Proteus 2.0:

- IPv4 and IPv6 compliant for both DNS and DHCP

- Built-in migration engine enables customers with competing IPAM products to migrate their existing configurations to Proteus.

- Discovery tool kit locates hosts and routers on a network, and reports on them on demand.

- Web-based application programming interface (API) enables third-party applications to interoperate with Proteus without using the Proteus GUI.

- TFTP server support (firmware distribution) to upload files, download image files, add deployment roles, and arrange and store multiple device image files using scheduled deployment.

- Network Time Protocol (NTP) server synchronizes database and Adonis servers to simplify deployment and management of VoIP networks and authentication schemes.

- Object tagging enhancements enable organizations to simplify the organization and management of complex networks by introducing a seamless level of transparency between business and technology requirements.

- Multi-core functionality simplifies the administration of complex operations by automatically managing the implications of any given change across all affected cores.

"After a thorough evaluation of the IPAM solutions available in the market today, it became very clear to us that BlueCat Networks is offering superb products that will meet or exceed our requirements for years to come," said Greg Fisbeck, Network Engineer at Whirlpool. "With the latest releases of Adonis and Proteus, we will have an end-to-end solution that addresses our complex network infrastructure today, and prepares us to embrace new technologies in the years ahead."

With native support for next-generation IPv6 network environments, Proteus 2.0 enables organizations to model and build IPv6 configurations that best suit their particular application needs. Whether it is within an IPAM, DNS or DHCP core, Proteus 2.0 offers full IPv6 modeling support for complete end-to-end management of IPv6 networks and attached devices. Proteus 2.0 also offers seamless interoperability between IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

"In developing Proteus 2.0 for market release, we focused on building an extremely secure and easy-to-deploy appliance that can be the central hub for managing enterprise IPAM needs for today and for tomorrow," said David Berg, Director of Product Management at BlueCat Networks. "Our next generation appliance eliminates the complexity of managing IP-based networks, and streamlines the process so that administrators can more effectively manage their global computing infrastructure."

Delivering a level of granularity that only a purpose-built appliance can deliver, Proteus enables organizations to tag and classify assets in accordance with an organization's existing business and data structures. Proteus 2.0 greatly simplifies the organization and management of complex networks, and provides administrators with the unprecedented ability to delegate, secure, track and monitor critical resources over their IP network using a unique multi-core architecture.

To further simplify the task of the network administrator, Proteus 2.0 divides the management, tracking and administration of various network services into separate cores, removing much of the complexity traditionally associated with the management of disperse IP networks. Working silently in the background, the multi-core characteristics of Proteus 2.0 apply built-in heuristics that govern syntax and configuration logic across the managed network to ensure configurations are consistent, fully functional and free of errors.

To ensure the security of client networks and the continuity of business operations, Proteus 2.0 is the first IPAM appliance with built-in disaster recovery capabilities. Real-time database replication enables Proteus 2.0 to provide wide-area failover functionality and zero data loss when a network outage does occur. Proteus 2.0 also ships with redundant hardware, such as hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies, to minimize the effects of any potential hardware failure.

Providing truly global IP inventory management, Proteus users can control DNS, DHCP, and IP inventories from any location in the world. In addition to supporting hundreds of concurrent administrators from a single appliance, Proteus can also track all configuration changes and resolve problematic scenarios.

Pricing and Availability

Proteus is immediately available from BlueCat Networks, with prices starting at $29,995.00.

About BlueCat Networks

BlueCat Networks, Inc. develops next generation IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS and DHCP Appliances. Simple, secure and affordable network appliances, BlueCat Networks' IPAM and DNS, DHCP solutions secure and simplify mission-critical IP infrastructures to improve reliability and accessibility while providing the lowest TCO.

The BlueCat Networks product portfolio is comprised of the Proteus Enterprise IPAM Appliance™ and Adonis™ family of DNS/DHCP security appliances. Proteus is a next-generation, web-based, IP Address Management solution designed to manage name services, dynamic IP assignment and IP inventory for enterprise, government, and carrier-class customers. The Adonis family of appliances are end-to-end, fast, intelligent, cross-platform, secure DNS and DHCP solutions that combine ease-of-use and low maintenance with scalability.

BlueCat Networks is a profitable network appliance company that supports the needs of government, military, and Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. For additional information, visit or call 866-895-6931.

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