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September 29, 2009 12:50 ET

BluePhone Personal Tech Experts Offer 5 Ways to Tune Up Your PC for "Back to Work"

Tips to Help PCs Run Smoothly as Summer Ends and Fall Workloads Begin

SAMMAMISH, WA--(Marketwire - September 29, 2009) - For kids, the end of summer means back to school. For adults, it means back to work and the beginning of one of the busiest times of the business year. It means more meetings, calls and emails; more charts, graphs and reports; and more hours logged, including those on the home computer.

This wear and tear can take a toll, especially since one PC is often also used by kids for homework, spouses to maintain work records or digital photo albums, and the entire household for email and Internet.

To help minimize the effects of constant use and make sure the home computer is in working order, follow the tips below from BluePhone™ (, an online computer support company and "At-Home Help Desk." Everyday BluePhone helps consumers get maximum value from their tech gear by eliminating hassles, fears and runarounds to quickly and effectively resolve problems with computers, peripherals and digital devices.

1. Remove any unwanted programs

Often times, computer users don't know they have certain programs installed. Users can have MSN® Messenger or AIM®, for example, despite the fact that they never IM (Instant Message); multiple, competing toolbars that all do basically the same thing; or duplicate, redundant anti-spyware applications that run simultaneously.

All these "extra" programs can take up considerable amounts of PC resources. Moreover, since many programs run continually (but silently) in the background, the superfluous installations can dramatically slow a PC down.

To prevent a computer from being bogged down, remove unwanted programs by going to the computer's Control Panel and selecting "Add/Remove Programs" (or "Uninstall Program").

2. Organize files and documents

The home computer should be just as organized as the work one -- perhaps more so since the average home computer is used by multiple people. Keep profiles separate, create folders by topic, and categorize files through the computer's My Documents.

Getting and staying organized will keep Junior's homework separate from the company presentation and will ensure files are easily found in the future. If you do lose track of a document or folder, use Windows Search to help locate it. Windows Vista® users already have the program installed; Windows® XP or new Windows 7 users may need to download it from Microsoft®:

3. Sync contacts, calendar and email to a phone

Make work life easier by syncing contacts, calendar and email with a mobile device. Whether answering emails while in meetings or calling colleagues from the car, smart phones can help people be more productive and efficient -- meaning free time is truly free time.

Whether it's a BlackBerry®, iPhone®, or any other smart phone, each device has different program configurations; consult the manual or contact expert technicians like those from BluePhone for help setting it up.

4. Internet seem slow?

If your Internet seems to be dragging, check your computer for viruses and other forms of malware. Sometimes these nasty little programs can utilize your PC's resources and ultimately slow down your online experience.

Another major culprit is using multiple applications at the same time. In particular, streaming media, such as listening to or downloading music, eats up a lot of bandwidth and can dramatically affect the performance of your Internet browser.

5. Defrag your computer

Did you know that your computer's hard drive is the slowest component in your PC? Standard hard-drives use physical, rotating discs that can easily fragment data. Think of that proposal in Word, for example, in 20 fragmented, different pieces.

Every time you open the document, the computer has to retrieve its data from 20 disparate sources, which can obviously slow the machine down. De-fragmenting this data, or "de-fragging," puts those 20 pieces back together again.

Try running a Hard Disk Defrag utility like the one included with Windows. (It's not a quick process so be sure to set aside enough time for it to complete.) Defragging should be done on a regular interval and can be on an automated schedule with some programs.

No matter what time of year, online computer support experts like BluePhone can ensure all systems are running smoothly on the technical side of things. BluePhone Personal Tech Experts are extensively trained and certified to resolve nearly any computer software problem, offer expert advice, and troubleshoot and fix hardware issues. To see first-hand, register for the BluePhone two-week free trial and enjoy full, unlimited access to BluePhone Personal Tech Experts.

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