SOURCE: Bluespring Software

July 27, 2005 12:17 ET

Bluespring Software Announces OEM Agreement With InRule Technology - Business Rules Engine Will Be Shipped With Every License of BPM Suite

CINCINNATI, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 27, 2005 -- Bluespring Software, the Business Process Management (BPM) software company that enables process design, execution AND management from a single desktop, announces an OEM agreement with InRule Technology, an innovative provider of Business Rule Engine (BRE) technology for implementing and managing business rules.

With the addition of the InRule BRE component, Bluespring's BPM Suite separates the management of the process from the management of the rules that drives the process; typically performed by different resources. "Because my clients are interested in agile processes that can respond to policy and rule changes, there is a strong trend for business process management and rules engines to combine to support potent flexibility features of both technologies," said Jim Sinur, Vice-President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner Research. Notable enhancements to Bluespring's BPM Suite include:

--  Physical separation of process management from rules management,
    empowering both process owners and business rules owners independent of one
--  Standardized application of business rules at the API, UI and process
    layers ensures adherence to organizational compliance
--  Easy-to-use, web-based rules management interface, allowing rules
    changes to be made by the rules owners
--  Real-time decision logic & process-routing calculation engine designed
    for such complex computations as margin analysis, tax calculation, claims
    routing and product configuration
"We're proud to deliver the industry's first BPM technology with an embedded BRE capability," said Karl Treier, Chief Technology Officer of Bluespring Software. "Today's announcement provides Bluespring partners and customers with the most comprehensive rules management capability of any BPM product on the market today."

Bluespring will roll out its embedded BRE capability in conjunction with the upcoming release of BPM Suite 4.3, currently scheduled for late Q3, 2005.

About Bluespring Software

Bluespring Software and its partner network bring business process execution to the enterprise, extending the value of enterprise applications like CRM, ERP and SCM software and incorporating all of the people who play an important role in the business process that do not have that application on their desktop. Through business process optimization (BPO), businesses can effectively manage "mission critical" operational processes like Case Management, IT Asset Management, Deal Management and Demand Planning, yielding desired results, compliance and C-level visibility into the core operational aspects of the business.

About InRule Technologies

InRule provides technology for the authoring, management and verification of application decision logic that involves rules, calculations and dynamic user interfaces. InRule's declarative development approach captures business intent by allowing users to encode rules without the overhead of custom programming, which results in highly adaptive business processes. InRule's evolving "rules console" approach utilizes a rules catalog that provides visibility into core logic and will facilitate sharing that logic across applications.

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