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October 28, 2013 09:00 ET

Bluewolf Launches Cloud Operational Readiness (CORe) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Essential Cloud Governance Framework That Accelerates Cloud Innovations and Enables Customer Engagement

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2013) - Bluewolf, the global consulting firm, today launched its Cloud Operational Readiness (Bluewolf CORe) service offering and Application Lifecycle Management (Bluewolf ALM) tool, both key elements of its growing Cloud Governance practice, aimed at helping customers build and sustain a heightened pace of innovation.

Organizations moving to the cloud are looking for ways to accelerate time-to-value. The dramatic increase in the importance of customer engagement is also causing organizations to expand their cloud investments into all reaches of the enterprise. These shifts have increased the importance of aligning IT and business efforts with the necessary resources to deliver sustainable changes with measurable results.

Based on 13+ years of cloud consulting experience, Bluewolf CORe and Bluewolf ALM provide the necessary framework and tools that guarantee operational readiness for customers post implementation. Bluewolf CORe and ALM address the four key factors -- people, process, technology, and data -- that impact cloud application success. 

  • For business-led cloud projects, Bluewolf CORe accelerates cloud maturity, provides detailed models and recommendations for project governance, and enables rapid development and deployment. 
  • For IT-led projects, Bluewolf CORe offers a robust, standards-based collaboration framework that unites IT and business, addressing global, multiple-business unit, multi-org, and single project scenarios.
  • For all projects, Bluewolf ALM streamlines and automates development, quality assurance, and deployment, ensuring on-time delivery and exceptional quality.

"With Bluewolf CORe, we're delivering innovation as fast as users can absorb it. The impact of Bluewolf CORe can be directly measured in terms of delivering high quality innovations with increased speed. But the broader impact is felt by ensuring employees have access to the functionality needed to serve and engage customers," said Steve Faris, Chief Platform Officer at Bluewolf.

Hizmy Hassen, Group Digital Director at Coats PLC, explains, "With a cloud-based application, it's very easy to configure the system and just start using it -- but that is like trying to run before you learn to walk. Bluewolf CORe helped us take the time to really design the system; to understand the change management, data, and internal sales challenges and then go-live once we really understood the expected results."

In conjunction with CORe, Bluewolf introduced Bluewolf ALM, a combination of tools and services that accelerate development from request to release, guarantee quality and ensure ongoing self-sufficiency. Bluewolf ALM supports release management and continuous integration directly inside Salesforce. ALM also offers services that provide daily insights into code quality and completeness through rich reports and detailed dashboards emailed to managers on a nightly basis.

"Bluewolf ALM automates critical testing and deployment functions within the release cycle" said Faris. "This increases the productivity of testing and deployment teams, freeing up hours to deliver more innovation-focused enhancements, while delivering new releases that are bug-free and on time."

CORe provides the framework for business and IT to collaborate effectively, while ALM provides the tools that enable collaboration directly in the development process. Together, CORe and ALM give customers the confidence to manage change and ensure quality, enabling increased focus on servicing and engaging customers.

To learn more, register for the Bluewolf's cloud governance sessions at Dreamforce 2013:

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