September 29, 2011 08:45 ET

blurbIQ's Contrarian Findings: Interrupting Online Video Views to Test Brand Reception INCREASES Interaction and Completion Rates

Interaction With Video Messaging Helps Consumers Remember Brands and Buy Products

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 29, 2011) - Coming on the heels of announcements by KN Dimestore and Vizu regarding their services that insert multi-question surveys into streaming video and display ads, blurbIQ, the only company to utilize game mechanics to strategically insert interactive questions within video to test brand message receptivity, today reports that interrupting online video views to test brand reception actually increases interaction and completion rates.

In an in-banner 300x250 user-initiated bake off against other web video vendors, including Eyeblaster, Pointroll and DoubleClick, blurbIQ achieved an interaction rate of 37.97%, a lift of 915% over the "industry average" of the other video vendors of 4.15%. blurbIQ's video completion rate was 65.45% vs. 43.57% for the others and its click-through rate was 2.52% vs. 0.18%, a lift of 1,400%.

Using game mechanics, blurbIQ turns video commercials from passive to active engagement by overlaying brand and trivia questions on the video. The average number of brand questions answered per 30-second engagement is 3.39. Consumer product knowledge is scored and they can compare their knowledge score against their friends and others around the world. The interactive video units allow for viral sharing and navigation to advertiser sites for special product discounts. Up to 5% of visitors end up sharing something with friends. Of these 80% are shared via Facebook, 16% share via email and 4% share via Twitter.

"You would think that interrupting video views to ask brand-related questions would kill user interest. But just the opposite happens. They watch longer, convert at a higher rate and remember more about the brand message. We drive consumers to interact with and understand the messaging of the video," says Scott Reese, CEO of blurbIQ Inc. "As a result, consumers remember brands at the point of purchase because they had a fun and entertaining experience interacting with the video message."

Video viewers exposed to blurbIQ's "gamification" have shown +95% unaided brand and key message recall two weeks after one exposure vs. single digits for TV viewers of the same commercial.

"The problem in video advertising is that people ignore commercials. Brands want consumers to buy their products and they cannot measure if their advertising message was received. The single most important thing in advertising is consumers remembering your brand at the point of purchase. blurbIQ solves the problem," Mr. Reese adds. "Watching a video is forgettable. If you play an interactive video it is memorable and game changing. blurbIQ MAKES people remember brands and buy products."

blurbIQ ( is the leader in interactive gamification of video across the digital marketing spectrum. The patent pending technology overlays video with brand and trivia questions as the video streams. blurbIQ turns video commercials into interactive "games" that dramatically increases viewer engagements, video completion rates, and ad retention. These interactive video units are distributed as pre-roll, in banner, mobile, tablet, and social media advertising units. blurbIQ provides quick time analytics dashboards so brands can measure every interaction with their video content like never before. Since launching in July of 2010 blurbIQ has acquired key accounts such as E*Trade, Duracell, and General Motors.

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