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October 14, 2009 08:00 ET

BMTS Furthers Development of Its Demolizer® Home Unit

ENGLEWOOD, CO--(Marketwire - October 14, 2009) - Biomedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. ("BMTS" or the "Company"; (OTCBB: BMTL) is pleased to announce significant developments on the commercialization of its Demolizer® Home unit, a safe and environmentally friendly biomedical waste disposal device designed to enable diabetics and others using syringes at home to safely destroy their sharps waste and dispose of it in the regular trash or send it to a BMTS' recycling partner. Through treatment in the Demolizer® Home unit, used syringes and lancets are sterilized and grossly melted so that they cannot be reused and no longer pose a risk of infection. BMTS' engineers have neared conclusion of the design aspects of the device and have progressed it from conception to bench testing and are implementing the patent process.

In 2006, an estimated 8 million people in the U.S. administered 3 billion injections at home annually. Most of these contaminated syringes end up in the ordinary municipal waste stream posing a sizeable risk to public health and sanitation workers. With the changing demographics, the number of self-administered injections in the U.S. is expected to grow 165% over the next ten years. That translates to 21 million people administering 8 billion injections by 2016.

Don Cox, President and CEO of BMTS, explains the significance of the Home unit. "Many states are starting to focus on this growing public health and environmental problem. California and Massachusetts have enacted new laws prohibiting landfill disposal of home-generated sharps. The problem facing the states is that there really is not a viable, low-cost and environmentally sound solution to address this emerging concern. We are designing the Demolizer® Home unit to fill this important market gap and we are very excited about our role in preventing a significant portion of the over 3 billion contaminated syringes from either being transported through the mail or ending up untreated in landfills in our communities."

Custom designed to meet the needs of today's nine million people in the U.S. that regularly self-administer injections in the home to treat diabetes and other diseases, the Demolizer® Home unit provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mail-back programs at a significant cost savings. While pressure to reduce healthcare costs continues to mount, the expected cost for treatment and disposal using the Demolizer® Home unit is approximately 20% of the cost of mail back solutions, saving the average diabetic over $250 per year.

The unit's compact, countertop design, low energy demands and dry heat technology fit well within any household by converting sharps waste to common trash at the push of a button. In addition to its convenience and cost savings, the Demolizer® Home unit delivers environmental and safety benefits including a recyclable end product and a reduction in the volume of untreated syringes in the U.S. mail system and in the municipal waste stream. It also significantly minimizes the ancillary demand on fossil fuels and toxic emissions associated with vehicles on the road transporting this dangerous waste.

The underlying patented technology, the Demolizer® II commercial point of care system, is approved or meets requirements for treatment in 47 states having undergone review by as many as 78 governmental agencies, paving the way for broad recognition in an increasingly restrictive regulatory environment. The Demolizer® Home unit is being designed to the same sterilization standards as the commercially successful Demolizer® II. Dr. James Marsden, Kansas State University's Regents Distinguished Professor and member of BMTS' Advisory Board, explains "We are very excited to be working with BMTS on this important technology. The Demolizer® Home unit will deliver high level sterilization (over 99.9999% effective) of even the most resistant organisms and all of the important bloodborne pathogens of interest from a public health perspective. Broad scale adoption of this technology would have a significant impact on the safety of our communities and environment."

Sanitary workers, family members and the public in general benefit from a real solution to the enormous public health challenge associated with current transporting and land filling of most of the over 3 billion injections used at home in the US today. To meet continually escalating demand to render sharps waste sanitary and safe for regular trash at home or recycling, BMTS' one-of-a-kind, patented Demolizer® Home unit will continue to meet the needs of our aging population and the estimated 21 million people who will administer eight billion injections at home by 2016, while promoting public health safety benefits. The Company expects to launch the Home unit in early 2010.

About Biomedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.

Biomedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc., located in Englewood, Colorado sells the Demolizer® II through its wholly owned subsidiary Biomedical Technology Solutions, Inc. BMTS' patented Demolizer® Technology converts infectious biomedical waste into non-infectious material. BMTS' products provide biomedical waste treatment solutions for the over 1,000,000 low to medium volume medical waste generators in the US and a global market five times larger than the US. For more information, visit our investor relations page at

About the Demolizer® II

The Demolizer® II is the GREEN alternative to biomedical waste disposal. The device is the only patented, portable, and self-contained system able to process both sharps and typical red bag biomedical waste onsite. The processed waste is rendered sterile and discarded as common trash eliminating up to 100% of the cost associated with its disposal. The Demolizer® II meets or exceeds all EPA and CDC guidelines and is approved or meets treatment requirements in 47 states after review by 78 governmental agencies. The device uses no chemicals or liquids, plugs into a normal outlet through a surge protector, and automatically records and prints state required documentation. The Demolizer® II provides a safer, more environmentally GREEN method for biomedical waste disposal.

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