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Engagement Labs Inc.

March 27, 2015 08:30 ET

BMW and Ford Make Up Top Canadian Auto Brands on Social Media

Engagement Labs Identifies Top Ten Canadian Automobile Manufacturers on Facebook and Twitter

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 27, 2015) - Technology and data company Engagement Labs (TSX VENTURE:EL), creator of the eValue™ score, today released the top ten Canadian automotive manufacturers based on their social media performance on Facebook and Twitter during the last six months.

According to the eValue data, the top ten automobile manufacturers in Canada are:

Ranking Facebook Twitter
1 BMW Canada Ford Canada
2 Ford Canada Nissan Canada
3 GMC Canada Kia Canada
4 Acura Canada Honda Canada
5 Chrysler Canada BMW Canada
6 Volvo Canada Chrysler Canada
7 Honda Canada Volkswagen Canada
8 Toyota Canada Subaru Canada
9 Subaru Canada Mercedes-Benz Canada
10 Audi Canada GM Canada

The Canadian automotive industry has experienced about three percent growth in sales this past January and February. This highly competitive sector in Canada is in a race to remain relevant with Canadian consumers. Social media strategies are now imbedded in all Canadian auto manufacturers' marketing plans to drive loyalty, brand affinity, and sales.

"Our analysis shows that automakers engage in conversations with their followers about new model launches, post images that would interest their followers and share industry news to drive brand equity," said Bryan Segal, Chief Executive Officer of Engagement Labs.

BMW Canada, the top performer on Facebook, has a social strategy that focuses on building a social community of BMW drivers by connecting with the user. They use hashtags regularly like the #BMWStories hashtag, which allows the user to lead the conversation. They have well-formatted pictures of cars in various settings that increase the product desirability. BMW posts reflect current events such as St. Patrick's Day and #TBT while still including their products within those posts. Ford Canada, the top performer on Twitter, engages with their followers by posting unique hashtags such as #FordChatCA enabling them to foster organic conversation and rewarding users that do with giveaways. Ford's page is also community oriented by posting event happenings that feature the brand.

Here is the ranking of Facebook fan growth and Twitter follower growth over the past six months. This data shows that brands may have different social strategies in regards to fan acquisition efforts on either Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook Fan Growth Twitter Followers Growth
1 Mercedes-Benz Canada Toyota Canada
2 GMC Canada Ford Canada
3 Ford Canada Volkswagen Canada
4 Nissan Canada Mitsubishi Motors
5 Mazda Canada GM Canada
6 Kia Canada Honda Canada Inc.
7 Acura Canada BMW Canada
8 Hyundai Canada Audi Canada
9 Subaru Canada Inc. Mercedes-Benz Canada
10 Chrysler Canada Mazda Canada

Segal adds, "This fan growth ranking proves that auto manufacturing companies in Canada continue to invest in the growth of their communities on these social platforms. It is interesting to see that many of the fastest growing fan bases may not necessarily be the top ranked eValue scoring leaders on Facebook and Twitter. The exception is Ford Canada, whose eValue score is high, and continues to drive growth on both channels."

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