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September 21, 2010 11:56 ET

Board Changes and Trading Update

21 September 2010

                                             HEALTHYDAYS GROUP PLC
                                                (the "Company")

                                       Board Changes and Trading Update

Appointment of Director

The  Company  announces  the  appointment of Roger William Martin to the Board of  the  Company  as  Commercial
Director, with effect from today.

Until March 2004, Mr Martin was Group Sales & Marketing Director for Martin Shelton Group Plc, which was quoted
on  London  Stock Exchange plc's AIM market. Mr Martin has been working as a self employed Business  Consultant
from May 2004 to September 2010.

In  accordance  with the PLUS Rules for Issuers, the Company discloses the following details in respect  of  Mr

Current partnerships                                 Former directorships in the last five years
Anglo Global LLP                                     Cashmere International Limited
                                                     Alfred Charles Limited
                                                     Homey (UK) Limited
                                                     Betting Office Solutions Limited
                                                     Capitol Commodities Limited

No further information is required pursuant to Rule 71 of Part 2 of the PLUS Rules for Issuers and paragraph 18
of Appendix 1 of the PLUS Rules for Issuers.

Resignation of Directors

The  Company  further announces that Messrs Stephen Barclay, Geoffrey Smith and John Shaw  have  resigned  with
effect  from  today's date as directors of the Company as a result of differences of opinion within  the  Board
regarding  the  future  direction  of the Company. Mr Amer Deen, the Chief Executive  Officer  and  substantial
majority shareholder in the Company, acknowledges the reasons for the resignations and intends to appoint a Non-
Executive Chairman as soon as possible.

Following  the  aforementioned Board changes, the Company's Board will consist of Mr Amer  Deen  and  Mr  Roger

Trading Update

The  Company  also  announces that the Company has recorded an unrealized loss in excess  of  £100,000  on  its
portfolio of quoted investments when these investments were 'marked to market' at the year end date of 30  June
2010.  Since  the year end £60,000 of this loss has been realised. Subject to this, trading from the  Company's
operations has continued in line with the Board's expectations.


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