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June 16, 2008 07:27 ET

Bob Barr Bringing Down Goliath: The People's Battle Against Big Government, Big Candidates and Big Spending on BizRadio

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - June 16, 2008) - Bob Barr, former congressman and Libertarian presidential candidate, joined BizRadio (Houston, Texas) host Daniel Frishberg on "The Money Man Report" to explain the foundations, drive and confidence behind his run for the White House. At 59 years old, Mr. Barr admits that he doesn't know how much longer he will be on this earth, but that he intends to spend each day he has left "improving the public's understanding and the choices available to turn this country and economy around."

Seeing a tremendous opportunity for change in the United States' government and economic system, Mr. Barr said there is a movement of people, including young Americans, that sees the corruption that plagues the system. Many citizens believe officials are driving their money and the resources of their children and grandchildren into the ground. From the outpouring of money in terms of foreign aid, the funding of the occupation of Iraq and such looming programs as the prescription drug benefit plan and Social Security, "Americans are coming around to realizing… that they had better seize control of their future cycle or they're not going to be able to," Mr. Barr said.

And, what about oil? Is it better to simply allow oil prices to rise and suffer the fate of market forces? In traditional economic theory, when demand is constrained, prices will naturally rise, resulting in people buying less, using substitute products or developing the capability to afford more. Oil prices, the topic of heated debate in recent months in the news media and the source of pain for many Americans, raised a valuable discussion regarding Mr. Barr's personal economic ideals. Prompted with initial amusement by the question, Mr. Barr said, "The market is the most magnificent mechanism in the history of the world for finding an appropriate balance between a person's desires and their ability and willingness to pay for that."

With other Libertarians, such as Ron Paul, making big political waves lately, does Mr. Barr also take the outspoken stance on the eradication of the IRS? And, what are his feelings on the Fair Tax? Mr. Barr is clearly adamant that the real issue is getting a handle on federal spending, ceasing federal intervention in the economy and relinquishing federal responsibilities in social services. In his opinion, after these issues are dealt with, it will be an appropriate time to tackle the tax system. "If you don't get a handle on federal spending, no matter what system of taxation you wind up with… it is going to be taking too much of people's money," Mr. Barr said.

In the closing minutes, the Money Man posed this question, "If you became the president, what would you do in Iraq?"

Mr. Barr: "I will tell you one thing that I would not do, and that is to signal a timetable to our adversaries… The Iraqi government will not take responsibility for its own economic, political or security affairs so long as we are there propping it up, and it is irresponsible to be spending $400 million a day of U.S. taxpayer dollars; that's something these folks sometimes forget -- that is money that is coming indirectly out of the pockets of U.S. taxpayers."

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