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August 22, 2012 11:30 ET

The Body Shop Unveils New Skincare Diagnostic Tool. Find Your Perfect Skincare Programme

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 22, 2012) - The Body Shop unveils new skincare diagnostic tool. Find your perfect skincare programme Pioneering global toiletries and cosmetics retailer, The Body Shop has unveiled a groundbreaking new diagnostic application for its website. The application is designed to diagnose skin type and put together the perfect natural skincare regime for your needs. This allows its customers to achieve a brighter, healthier, younger looking complexion.

With the wealth of skincare products available in today's market, The Body Shop acknowledges that trying to pick the solutions most suited to skin type can be a confusing experience. As a skincare specialist, the Body Shop knows that everyone's skin is unique: someone with an oily T-Zone might also have concerns about the first appearance of fine lines. There is no 'one-size fits all' approach to skincare.

The new diagnostic tool removes this problem, by asking customers to answer a series of simple questions that allow it to determine their skin type. From this information, the clever tool is then able to put together a regime suited to that skin type, to combat any skin concerns, whether it be blemishes or fine lines, dullness or dryness.

The tool diagnoses on the basis of sex and age, and zones in on individual skincare concerns, both general and those specific to the delicate eye area.

The five-step process takes only a few minutes to complete, and results in an entirely bespoke set of skincare solutions, including a cleanser, toner, day and night moisturisers and eye-care products. The regime will be designed to work harmoniously to target the customer's unique skincare concerns, and may well be taken from a combination of The Body Shop's different skincare ranges.

Products might be from the Nutriganics range, which has been designed to help resist the first signs of ageing, or the Tea Tree range, which is designed to remove impurities for clearer looking skin, or possibly the Aloe range, which soothes and calms sensitive skin. The Vitamin E range is also on hand to nourish dry skin.

Whatever the product, The Body Shop remains committed to the environment, this means customers can be sure that what they purchase is entirely natural and is made in a way that respects the environment with absolutely no animal testing.

The new skincare diagnostic app looks to be the perfect way for those confused about their skin type to discover the perfect regime to allow them to make the most of their skin, naturally.

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